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Top 10 Universities in Canada

top universities in Canada


Top 10 Universities in Canada

The best Universities in Canada. If you think of Canada as a place to study abroad, the first thing that comes to your head is: What are the top ten universities in Canada? You may be able to find the list you can trust; however, does it mention what sets them apart from other universities considered among the top 10 universities? Stay tuned, for the article that follows will clear up any doubts and give you the full explanation of the reason why they’re ranked to be among the top 10 universities for:

Let’s dive right into the rankings.

1. The University of Toronto

All official ranking platforms, such as Time Higher Education, QS top university ranking, US News rankings, etc. The University of Toronto is widely regarded as the top institution in Canada. UofT was founded in 1827 and is ranked 18th globally. UofT has earned a name for its research and innovation. It’s not only that; five of the 23 Prime Ministers in Canada have earned their degrees from the UofT! Toronto is renowned for its lively and vibrant environment and its focus on culture and the arts. UofT has held the highest position in Canada for streams such as Engineering Business, Medicine, Business, and many more.

2. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is placed 2nd in Canada and 34th worldwide by Times Higher Education. UBC has more than 600 million dollars in research funding every year. Additionally, the researchers have been working in collaboration with various other universities, industries, and the government, developing numerous products and projects. Since its founding in 1908, UBC has proven to be one of the top universities in Canada and around the world. Beginning with Immersive VR simulations to the attempt to break the speed record using Physics and engineering, professors, students, and faculty have proved to be among the greatest assets to the UBC and many other industries.

3. McGill University

Quebec is a country where the majority of residents speak French. McGill University is one of the three institutions in Quebec offering courses in the English language. McGill University is ranked 3rd in Canada and 42nd worldwide due to its high-end research and education opportunities. Some notable alumni are William Shatner (Actor), Dr. Brenda Milner (Neuropsychologist), Leonard Cohen (Singer/Songwriter), and Dr. Joanne Liu (International President of Doctors Without Borders). Who have graduated and made their name in different industries! With an average student-to-faculty ratio of less than 13:1. Their classes are highly concentrated and instructive, with students from more than 150 countries around the globe.

4. McMaster University, Hamilton

McMaster University ranks 4th in Canada and 72nd globally. It is among the four Canadian universities that consistently rank among the top 100 in the world; McMaster has a proud tradition of excellence in research and academics, as evidenced by the accomplishments of the brightest and most talented who consist of the three Nobel Prize winners, global business leaders as well as technological innovators, renowned public intellectuals, politicians, musicians, and philanthropists. Even in the current COVID scenario, which is COVID 19 scenario that McMaster University is facing, McMaster University’s McMaster University engineers McMaster University are pivoting 3D cell printing technology to assist in the COVID-19 research process, showing how up to current their institution is with their research capabilities. McMaster is one of the universities you should investigate!

5. University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is a renowned academic institution in Canada that is ranked 5th in general learning within Canada and 85th globally. It is a Francophone Public Research University with a significant focus on French. This University of Montreal has some remarkable college Affiliations that include Polytechnique Montreal (engineering), HEC Montreal (business), and many more. A research team at The University of Montreal is also working on a device that can reduce the time to detect COVID 19. With such a robust research department, they are the top researcher in Canada.

6. University of Alberta, Edmonton

It is believed that the University of Alberta ranks sixth in Canada. It was established on 19th October 1908 in Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta. The UofA is a research-based public university located in Canada near the North Saskatchewan River valley. Amid the pandemic outbreak, UofA’s response to the outbreak was this: UofA was as follows “By the time that the Government of Canada announced $26.8 million for research on COVID-19, University of Alberta teams had 17 proposals to go. Three were funded immediately by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The other proposals were set to start their work when more funds were readily available.” With an aesthetically pleasing campus and beautiful weather rare in Canada and the world, it’s tough to refuse this beautiful and well-known university.

7. University of Ottawa

The Is University of Ottawa is the most prominent bilingual university (French-English) worldwide! It is ranked 7th in Canada. The income from the industry and citations have been growing since 2012, which is a sign of the coherence with the school. Recently, a University virologist became a part of the National Strike Force to fight against the COVID 19 19 outbreak. It is worth noting that the University of Ottawa is also an affiliate of the U15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada, and gives the university an elite status and the capability to conduct research.

8. University of Calgary

Calgary, home to the University of Calgary, is tied to Calgary and the University of Waterloo for 8th place in Canada. Calgary is a city known as the home of The Canadian Pacific Railway Headquarters and other attractions and, most importantly, for the university as well. The university has a broad perspective, and the university leaders are convinced that by 2022, the university could be amongst the top five research universities. It is believed that the University of Calgary has international students from over 125 nations, and this proves its standing not only in Canada but also globally!

9. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is among the most renowned universities for International students, particularly Indian students. The university is situated within Canada’s technology center. Therefore, if you’re interested in technology and looking to break into the same industry, this is the university you should attend! The University of Waterloo is ranked 1st for connections between employers and students in QS Graduating Employability Ranking in 2019! Remarkable, isn’t it? If you’re a tech-oriented person, This is the university to attend.

10. Western University, London

If you are thinking about it, there is a city in Canada known as London! Western University is one of the most prestigious 1% of universities worldwide. It is renowned for its outstanding academic programs and its unique student experiences. With such a vibrant campus, it also boasts several research areas like Imaging Brain, Neuroscience & Mind, Philosophy of Science, and more! Western University has one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada, with everything from Tall Trees to Beautiful Architecture!

So! Do you have a thought? What do you think? These are indeed among the top ten universities in Canada. However, all universities can excel in particular fields, such as the University of Waterloo for Technology or the University of Montreal for excellent affiliations. What is important is which school is the best match for you?

The choice of Canada is among the most beneficial choices you can make when you are looking for study abroad destinations due to its vast range of research facilities and industrial aspects! To better understand Canada and the advantages of studying in the country, take a look at the Canada country guide.

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