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University of British Columbia Scholarships in Canada

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University of British Columbia Scholarships in Canada

It was established in 1915. The University of British Columbia (UBC) is often recognized as one of the most prestigious public universities worldwide, putting its name in the 20 best. Sixty-six thousand five hundred twelve students are enrolled on both campuses, including the Vancouver Campus and the Okanagan Campus. It has 18 schools, 16 faculties, and two colleges.

It also created several other UBC websites, such as UBC Robson Square, Centre for Digital Media, UBC Faculty of Medicine Across BC, and Asia Pacific Regional Office. It has many notable alumni. It has produced eight Nobel Prize winners, three Canadian premier ministers, and 65 Olympic medals for the varsity athletes. This post will examine the University of British Columbia scholarships for international students.

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If you’re reading this article on University of British Columbia scholarships, You probably are interested in studying in Canada. If you’re looking to achieve your goal, you must be aware of as much information as possible. Take the following posts:

Does the University of British Columbia Have Scholarships Offered to International Students?

 Yes! The University of British Columbia offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate international students. These scholarships’ amount and time can vary depending on the amount awarded, and applicants must fulfill specific criteria. For instance, it is the International Major Entrance Scholarship of the university. It is offered to international students entering the university and can be renewed every year.

Apart from this, and in addition, the University of British Columbia generously offers the opportunity to students from abroad. If you’re a new international student, you may look up scholarships while making your application. Also, in the following article, we’ve listed the scholarships that are available to international students studying at the University of British Columbia. Check out the article below!

International Students at University of British Columbia

When you combine the two campuses, the student population at the school is 66,512. In total, 18,283 are international students from 166 nations. There are 16,098 international students on both campuses on Vancouver Campus and 2,185 international students on the Okanagan Campus. To assist international students throughout their travels, UBC released the international Student Guide. It contains essential information and resources that students can refer to, including immigration information such as health insurance, working while studying, taxes, and other vital data for families. For additional questions on Canadian student life in Canada, the International Student Advisor can assist with those.

Tuition Fee at the University of British Columbia for International Students

It is estimated that the international student tuition Costs for undergraduates vary from $38,959 up to $53,701. According to the course you are applying for, the price per credit is between $1,371 to $1,659. Courses with a value under $50,000 include Arts and Environmental Design, Fine Arts Media Studies and Nursing, and Music and Social Work. The other programs that exceed $50,000 include Applied Science, Commerce, and Medical Laboratory Science. Students who continue to study abroad can anticipate an increase in tuition between 2% and five percent.

For students who are enrolled in graduate programs For graduate students who are enrolled in graduate programs, international Graduate Tuition Fees indicate the tuition for master’s programs and tuition fees for doctoral students. Most graduate programs are divided into three equally-sized installments, separated in January, September, and May. The cheapest tuition for a master’s degree international student is $329 per installment, and the maximum is $23,160 for each installment. If you are pursuing a doctoral degree, the tuition cost for the least expensive degree for international students comes in at $1,289 per installment. The most expensive is $24,087 for each installment.

International Admissions Guide at the University of British Columbia

For more information about admissions to international universities for undergraduates, go to the application for access to the UBC page. It describes the application process and how to apply after you’ve submitted your application and after you’ve been accepted admission requirements, UBC admissions blog Online application guidelines essential deadlines and dates, and UBC campuses transfer.

 Its graduate school’s International Students page already provides all the information about programs, including scholarships, awards, grants, the application process, frequently asked questions, immigration documents, and key contacts.

Application Fee at the University of British Columbia

The fee is usually $123 for citizens of other countries with a study permit. It varies based on the application type, as specific programs require a separate application fee. For instance, the application cost for a Law program is $96; Music requires an additional $73, and Land and Food Systems cost $61. The application fee is only valid for a year and is not refundable. If you’re an international student in one of the 50 least developed nations, you can have the application exempted. You can find the entire list of countries eligible on their website.

Graduate programs are the most expensive. The cost is one hundred dollars for each graduate program with study permits (except for Master’s-level Business courses). Some programs require an additional cost, for instance, Landscape Architecture, which supplements the application fee for Master of Landscape Architecture for $73 and the application fee of $154 to apply for the Master of Health Administration. In addition to fees for application, there are also administrative and document processing costs.

Admissions Requirements at the University of British Columbia for International Students

If you’re applying for one of the programs for undergraduates at UBC, The admission requirements differ based on the student’s nationality, location, and the type of applicant. If you’re an alumnus of high school, You can find your international high-school admission prerequisites below. Select a campus, whether Vancouver or the Okanagan campus, pick the location you prefer, and select a degree. You are following that the English language requirement, the general admission requirements, and degree-specific requirements are displayed. For example, suppose you are from Singapore and applying for the course Applied Biology. In that case, you must meet an English language requirement according to their English Language Admission Standard, a graduate from a university-preparatory program at a senior secondary school, obtain an H2 level in Math, and have a familiar story in two Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. If you’re a baccalaureate applicant, you should review the international Baccalaureate application requirements.

 To be qualified for a graduate degree and to be eligible for a graduate program at UBC, The minimum requirements for the program must be fulfilled. For specific requirements for a particular degree, refer to the graduate degree programs here. To learn more about the minimum academic requirements for your country of origin, quickly check them out at the Make sure you are eligible page. In addition, an English Language Test is also required for international applicants who do not speak English and should be completed within the last 24 months from the date the application has been made.

University of British Columbia Rankings

It is believed that the University of British Columbia has kept its position as 34th on the World University Rankings 2021. In the 2020 ranking, the university was ranked 38th in the World Reputation Rankings and 7th in the Impact Rankings 2020.

University of British Columbia Acceptance Rate

Its acceptance rate is believed to be extremely high. The acceptance rate for international undergraduate students is just under 40%, and approximately 25% for graduate students.

 University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES)

  • The amount of the scholarship is approximately $40,000 total or CAD 10,000/year, for four years

International students who have excellent grades receive an International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES) renewable over three consecutive years. The University of British Columbia scholarship for international students is available for applicants from abroad who have an academic permit but cannot be eligible for a need-and-merit-based International Scholars award.

2. Outstanding International Student Award (OIS)

  • The amount of the scholarship is between 2500 to 10,000 CAD

The applicants must be new at UBC and have an academic permit. Students nominated to receive a need-and-merit-based International Scholars award are not qualified. The UBC award to international applicants is awarded one time and is based on merit.

For more information on University of British Columbia scholarships for international undergraduate students, go to the page on scholarships.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Guaranteed Ph.D. Funding

  • The amount of the scholarship is $22,000, which is the minimum funds

The minimum amount of money is offered to exceptional new Ph.D. students. Students are provided with the minimum amount of money during the initial four years. They could receive higher amounts depending on their qualifications. The University of British Columbia scholarship for international students may be used to cover school expenses like tuition books, tuition, and the cost of living.

2. International Tuition Award

  • Scholarship Amount: up to $3,200

It is the International Tuition Award. It is given to full-time, registered graduates enrolled in research-based master’s or doctoral programs. You cannot be eligible when you receive funds from a government or an organization equivalent to or greater in value than this International Tuition Award. There is no requirement to apply for this award because it is automatically offered to all international students enrolled in programs geared towards research.

For more information about UBC’s awards, scholarships, and grants for graduate students from abroad, go to the page on scholarships of the Graduate School International Student.

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