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How to Apply for and Procure a Work Visa Permit.


How to Apply for and Procure a Work Visa Permit.

The entire process of obtaining a Work Visa Permit from a foreign country is known to be quite rigorous and complex. A lot of steps are required to be followed. Let’s take a look at these steps involved in the process of obtaining a Work Visa Permit.


1.) Determine your Eligibility


We will begin with the first step, which is also considered the most important step, and that is the determination of one’s eligibility. You have to be clear on your eligibility or qualification for a particular Work Visa category. This eligibility is based on certain criteria such as skills, education, work experience, and the prospective employer’s needs in the preferred country for relocation. There are different Visa categories which include, Temporary Work Visas, Permanent Residency Visas, and a number of other specialized employment Visas.


2.) Gather the Relevant Documents


After you have settled on the appropriate visa category as well as determine your eligibility, your next step will be to gather all the required documents needed for your application. Some such documents include educational certificates, résumé, valid International passports, evidence of applicable work experience, bank account statements, Employment Letters from foreign employers, Police Clearance Certificates, etc. It is important to note that these required documents may vary between Visa categories and from country to country. It is, therefore, advised that you get proper information on the requisite documentation for the application of your chosen Visa category. This information can be obtained from your destination country’s immigration website.


3.) Complete and Submit your Visa Application


With all the required documents ready and available for submission, you can then begin filling out your application forms. These application forms may be either online forms or paper forms. Whichever it may be, it is imperative that you accurately input the required information. Provide all the personal details demanded of you without exceptions. If an application fee is charged, be sure to make the payment and include the payment receipt along with all other supporting documents when submitting your application. If your application is incomplete or incorrectly filled, then, prepare for rejection. Also, ensure that you make the application well before your intended travel date. This will help you avoid unnecessary delays and rush processes.


4.) Undergo further Verification/Interview (if applicable)


Depending on your specific visa category, you may be required to undergo certain verification procedures like a license verification, or presenting relevant certifications such as a Labor Market Test Certification. This is done so as to prove the unavailability of local candidates for the job opportunity. Furthermore, you may be required to be involved in an in-person interview at the country’s embassy or consulate. This is especially the case for Permanent Residency Visa applicants. Whatever additional requirements are imposed on you, it is best you adhere to them all so as to maximize your chances of approval.


5.) Prepare for Relocation/Travel


After the approval of your Work Visa Permit, you can begin immediate preparation for relocation and travel. It is necessarily noteworthy that the Permit has a validity period. This means that you have to travel to your destination country and take up the offered job position within a stipulated timeframe. Anything beyond this timeframe will result in the expiration of your Work Visa Permit. Properly plan your relocation logistics and do not forget to travel with your original visa approval documents and your valid ID/passport so as to activate the permit. You may also be faced with certain entry conditions, ensure that you diligently comply with them.


For those who desire to apply their skills in an overseas market, the procurement of a Work Visa Permit is the most crucial step. Although the process of obtaining a Work Visa Permit could be complex or even considered daunting, with proper planning, due diligence, adherence to instructions, and meeting requirements, applicants stand great chances of approval and success.



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