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The following information is a detailed guide to becoming a UK Registered Nurse.


1.) Get an international passport: it is imperative that you have an International Passport handy. If you are yet to obtain one, then, please do so speedily, as it is impossible to go outside the UK without one.


2.) Prepare for IELTS/OET: You should write and pass IELTS(Academic)/OET as the first step of the process because it is presumed to be the most challenging step of all. The amount required for the registration of IELTS in Nigeria is N83,000, and the minimum band scores are:


a.) 7.0 in Listening

b.) 6.5 in Writing

c.) 7.0 in Reading

d.) 7.0 in Speaking (With an overall band score of 7.0)


Alternatively, the Occupation English Test (OET) costs at least N150,000, and the minimum grades are;


i.) B in Listening

ii.) C+ in Writing

iii.) B in Reading

iv.) B in Speaking


3.) Create a profile: Make efforts to create a profile with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) UK, using this link;


4.) Upload the relevant documents: After the creation of the profile, make a payment of £140 (application fee) to NMC UK, after which you will have to upload some relevant documents such as the data page of your international passport, Registered Nurse (RN) certificate, and IELTS/OET result (optional at this point). If you are yet to secure your RN certificate, a notification from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) can be used.  You will be given a personalized NMC portal and PRN number through which you can monitor your progress throughout the entire registration process. NMC UK will then confirm the receipt of payment of the application fee by email, including your 16-digit application reference number. You will be required to use this reference number for your application for NMCN license verification.


5.) Apply for verification of your NMCN license: Visit to apply for your NMCN license verification. Note that a payment of about N70,000 for this application will be required of you. The following details will be needed:


i.) Registration number on your license.

ii.) NMCN PIN on your license.

iii.) Date of first registration.

iv.) Application reference number.


You will be sending your application to:

Nursing and Midwifery Council

23 Portland Place


W1B 1PZ (postal code)



6.) Wait to be verified: The anticipated notification usually comes by email, followed by an “Authorization to Test” (ATT) email. This ATT email will be sent to you by Pearson Vue, the organization that handles the Part One Test of Competency (CBT), and the content of the email is basically to book your CBT.


7.) Undergo the CBT: Book for your CBT with a payment cost of £83 and sit for the exam. You can buy a voucher for these exams from or from… WhatsApp only). You will need to input this voucher when you get to the payment stage of your CBT booking on the Pearson Vue website. Alternatively, you can ask a friend in the UK to help you pay.


8.) Get your PPC: Obtain your Police Character Certificate (PCC) online via

Remember to choose your preferred state for biometrics.

This document lasts for 3 months and costs N30,000 on the site.


9.) Fill out the final form: If you pass the Part One Test of Competency, proceed by filling out the final form by NMC UK which will include uploading the details of the medical regulator (a Doctor or an occupational health therapist who can attest that you are fit to work in UK), Police Character certificate (PCC), NMCN notification/certificate and IELTS(academics)/OET results (without this, you cannot progress beyond this stage and you must have the expected band score/grade as the case may be).


10.) Begin applying for jobs: At this stage, with your IELTS and CBT at hand, you can start applying for jobs. Apply directly to;










Alternatively, you can send emails to some NHS Trusts to declare your interest in working for them.


11.) Pick an offer: After passing the job interview(s), choose a comfortable offer letter (please ensure you read your offer letter well with understanding to know what the Trust is offering), sign the offer letter, and send your documents (for pre-employment checks) to the Trust.


12.) Undergo medical examination: Book and attend your medical screening (tuberculosis test) via

The UKTB test certificate lasts for 6 months.


13.) Receive your Certificate of Sponsorship: Once they are happy and satisfied with the checks, they will email you your Certificate Of Sponsorship (a document to prove that you have been employed in the UK by a particular organization that is willing to pay you XYZ amount yearly). The COS replaces bank statements other direct visa applicants have to submit.  It shows you have a sponsor that will support your stay in the UK. The COS also contains an employment start date.

NB: The certificate of sponsorship (COS) is an indispensable document for visa application.


14.) Apply for the UK Visa: Once your COS is in, apply for your visa via with the following steps.

a.) Create a profile.

b.) Provide all relevant information (DO NOT LIE).

Make payment to the British High Commission. Some Trusts fund this.

c.) Choose a date for biometrics (what people call “visa interview”).

d.) Upload all the required documents.

e.) Confirm that the documents are correct before uploading them.

f.) Submit and prepare (get all necessary documents ready) for your biometric.


15.) Fix an arrival date: When your visa is ready, inform the recruitment team of your Trust and discuss your arrival date.


16.) Book your flight: Once your arrival date has been confirmed with approval to book your flight, book your flight to any UK airport. Some Trusts fund this.


17.) Obtain your license to practice in the UK: You will arrive in the UK as a pre-registered nurse. This means that you will be placed as a band 3 or 4 on the payment scale. Pay the final registration fee of £153 to NMC UK. This is needed to get your PIN from NMC UK (this PIN is your license to practice). Note that you can only get the NMC UK PIN after you have sat and passed your part two Test of Competency, OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). Thus, it is advised that you commence training for your OSCE ASAP. Once you have written your OSCE and passed, your NMC PIN will be issued afterward and you will automatically be upgraded to band 5 on the payment scale.



This process can be done in any particular order. IELTS and CBT are valid for 2 years and the above money figures are valid at the time of compiling this report.


Drop any questions you have in the comment section.


All the best!

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