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University of Thompson Rivers Scholarship in Canada

university of thompson rivers


University of Thompson Rivers Scholarship in Canada

Thompson rivers university helps students from anywhere in the world through Open Learning (OL), allowing for the flexibility of distance and online learning.

Thompson Rivers University Scholarships For International Students are among the most easily accessible scholarships available across Canada open to students abroad.

As an international student, you have the opportunity to avail any of the numerous scholarships that are available to you. Thompson Rivers University scholarship has numerous categories, which means you are eligible for any of them.

Many scholarships are available for sports, academics, music, culture, and many more. You need to figure out which one is best suited to your capabilities and skills and choose the best one for you.

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University, also known as TRU, is a public university founded in 1970. It is famous for its graduate and undergraduate degrees and its training centers. It is situated within Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, which is the location of its main campus.

The university also has an additional campus in William Lake, BC, and a distance education department called TRU-Open Learning. TRU is a college that draws many international students with its many scholarships designed for students from abroad.

The school is also known for its 140 on-campus courses and more than 60 distance or online programs via the THR Open Learning division, including vocational certificates or diplomas. Also, there are bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, and law.

Thompson Rivers University Online Courses

Thompson Rivers University offers a variety of online courses for students. These include apprenticeships for trades and vocational certificates and diplomas master’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as law.

TRU assists students from anywhere in the world through Open Learning (OL) which allows for an online and distance-learning program that is flexible for all. Depending on the Schedule, the OL programs and courses can be completed at any time and can be worked full-time or part-time.

TRU offers an education in the following fields:

Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs


Awarded Certificate for Advanced Studies in Liberal Arts

My major is English, History, Psychology, and Sociology

Bachelor of Arts General Program

” of General Studies, Arts

The Bachelor of Arts with a Criminology major.

” Of Arts and Sciences, English Major

BA, Major in History

” of Arts Major in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts Major in Sociology

” of Design”

Master of Fine Art

Bachelor of Music

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Liberal Arts

Business and Management Studies

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Graduation Diploma of Business Administration (GDBA)

Certification in business Skills

“in Entrepreneurial Skills 1

Awarded Certificate of Entrepreneurial Skills 2

Certificate in Management Studies

Certificate in Management Studies

Accounting Technician Diploma

Advance Certificate of Management

Advanced Diploma in Management

Master of Real Estate Management

” of Commerce

Master of Public Administration

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate of Commerce

The Post-baccalaureate Diploma of Commerce

Education and Social Work

Master of Education (MEd)

Graduation Certificate for Online Teaching and Learning

Executive Training Programs for Leadership in Education

Social Worker’s Certificate

Students at The Thompson Rivers University

General Studies

Certificate in General Studies

Awarded diploma in General Studies

Master of General Studies

Health Sciences

Certificate of Medical Laboratories Assistant

Medical Laboratory Assistant National Certificate

Polysomnography Certificate

PreHealth Science Certificate

The Anesthesia Assistant Diploma Post Graduate

Master of Science in Health Science

Transition Courses Health


Healthcare Assistant Certification

Interprofessional Certification in Mental Health

Interprofessional Substance Use Practices Certification

Return to a Registered Nurse Practice Certificate

Certificate of Senior Living Management for the Elderly

Transition Courses Transition Courses: Nursing


Associate of Science

Bachelor of Science General

Master of Science degree, major


A certificate in Information Technology

A diploma in Information Technology and Management

Master of Computing Science

” of Technology

Technology Management Bachelor Technology Management

Bachelor of Technology Trades, Technology Leadership and Technology

Water Treatment Technology Proghe

Thompson Rivers University Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are available to international students attending the Thompson Rivers University; they include.,

Hugh Neave Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is worth $1000.


To be eligible for this scholarship, it is necessary to.,

  1. A minimum average of 75%.
  2. They have demonstrated academic excellence.
  3. Participate involved in the science and technology programs.
  4. Present reference letters

Betty Spalton Scholarship

The scholarship is worth $1500.


To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must.,

  • You can be an entry or a continuing student in road construction and maintenance
  • You can be a female student
  • A full-time or part-time student

Alvin and Lydia Grunert Scholarship for Entrance

This scholarship has a cost of $30,000


To be qualified for this scholarship, you must

  • You have achieved an academic standard
  • Achieve a high-quality leadership role

Deadline for applications

The deadline for this application is March 1,

International Athletic Scholarship


To be qualified for this scholarship, it is necessary to.,

  • It would help if you had a high level of athletic excellence
  • You must be a full-time student at the university
  • You must be enrolled in the Basketball, Soccer, or Volleyball program.

The TRU Law International Student award

The award is worth $5000


To be eligible for this award, you must

  • You can enroll in Juris Doctor Program. Juris Doctor Program

Engineering Scholarship

The scholarship is renewable and is worth $3000.


To be qualified for this scholarship, you must

  • enroll in a two one year Thompson Rivers University Engineering transfer program.

Alvin and Lydia Grunert Undergraduate Scholarship

The scholarship is worth $5000


To be qualified for this scholarship, you must

  • You must be a full-time student
  • A returning undergraduate student

Hugh Neave Memorial Scholarship


To be qualified for this scholarship, it is necessary to.,

  • Have completed lower-level geography
  • You are enrolled in the 4th year of the Bachelor of Arts program

Thompson Rivers University Admission Process for International students

TRU admits up to 3,500 students from more than 100 nations.

Students and applicants from abroad who are new to TRU get quick registration and application assistance through TRU’s TRU International Admissions team.

If you are interested in gaining admission to Thompson Rivers University as an international student, you have to follow the steps listed below.

Step 1. Submit your application online using an application fee that is non-refundable of CAD$100, which is required to apply to the EPBC site.

* If you have issues with the payment process via the Education Planner BC website, Please contact or (Master’s programs)

Step 2. Add all the required documentation (please be aware that your application will not be considered if there are no required documents).

Step 3. If you’re successful in your application, you will be issued a conditional acceptance letter. The procedure typically takes about a week.

Step 4: Complete your payment for the total amount of your commitment and send your transcripts, official or original, to International Admissions.

Step 5: It will give you an acceptance letter, which you can use to apply for the Student Visa/Study Permit.

Transcripts are required

You’ll require the following transcripts for admission to Thompson Rivers University

  • scan copies of official transcripts (or certified documents) of secondary school results and
  • the post-secondary institutions that you have attended should be listed on the application..

After receiving the confirmation letter of acceptance, you need to submit your transcripts in original format to TRU before starting the first year of your degree. If you cannot send the original transcripts, your original transcripts are required when you arrive in Canada.

Deadline for International Students to Apply at Thompson Rivers University

Last day to apply for an international Student SEMESTER DEADLINE

January October 1

May February 1

September May 1

Late applications will be considered if the space is available.

Thompson Rivers University Admission requirements for international students

International students who apply to be admitted into TRU must meet the minimum English proficiency requirements to be eligible to be able to gain direct admission into academic courses.

International students can satisfy this requirement by submitting an acceptable English score on a test for language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) or getting a good score on the TRU English Placement Test (EPT). Students must pass this test before the beginning of the application.

Students are required to send their test results to TRU to verify the validity of all English test scores for proficiency in English. They need to have an official copy of the test sent directly to the TRU Admissions by the testing agency.

If students fail to attain the requirements to be admitted directly into academic programs will be placed at the appropriate stage of English study, as indicated below.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

English Language Proficiency Requirements for Academic Study PLACEMENT TRUTOEFLIELTSDUOLINGO*MELABCANTESTCAEL


Direct entry into academic courses A person who is 88 or older with no section less than 20 700+ TWE 4.5+ 230+ Essay 4.5+ 6.5+ without bands lower than 6.0 110+ 81+ 4.5+, with no component score lower than 4.0 Overall 70+

A subtest must not be lower than 60.

Direct admission directly into Level 5 ESL 80+ 569-569 TWE 4.0+ 213-229 Essay 4.0+ 6.0+, with no band lower than 5.5 100+ 77+ 4.0+ without a component score less than 4.0 All 60+

There is no subtest lower than 50.

Direct entry directly into Level 4 ESL 71+ 530-549 197-212 5.5+, with no band lower than 5.0 92+ 74+ 4.0+ without a component score less than 3.5 All 50+

A subtest must not be lower than 40.

Direct entry directly into Level 3 ESL 61+ 500-529 173-196 5.0+ 82+ 69+ 3.5+ Overall 40+

Students must reach or surpass the standard on all aspects to be considered for a specific degree (for instance, to pass the TOEFL direct entry exam, direct entry applicants need to have an average score of at least 88, and in all sections must have at minimum 20). If sub-scores are employed, the good score in one area will not make up for a lower score in another.

Students who don’t meet the minimum requirements for direct entry must pass TRU placement tests. TRU placement test to find their proper position in ESAL.

TRU accepts Duolingo as evidence that they meet the English Proficiency Requirements, valid for applications submitted before August 31, 2022.

Academic requirements

Admission requirements differ, but each TRU course requires secondary school completion to be eligible for admission to the academic program.

Minimum age

Students must be 17 years old.

Commonly Asked Questions about Thompson Rivers University (TRU)

Q. What is the quality of Thompson Rivers University good?

Ans. Thompson Rivers University is a great university for students from abroad. It has many international students and scholarships available to students from abroad; it’s an ideal place to study for students going to Canada to take their first classes.

Which campus is Thompson Rivers University? Thompson Rivers University is located in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, which is the location of its main campus.

The school has an additional campus in William Lake, BC, and a distance education division known as TRU-Open Learning. TRU is a school that attracts many international students by offering a variety of scholarships available to international students.

While the 18 certificate and apprenticeship programs are taught on William Lake on the William Lake campus, most TRU undergraduate and graduate programs are conducted on the Kampoos campus. Kampus campus.

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