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How to Apply for Hospitality jobs in Canada

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How to Apply for Hospitality jobs in Canada

This article looks at the steps to find hospitality positions in Canada.

We’ve attempted to cover every aspect that comprises Canada Hospitality in-depth to provide a reference to finding hospitality jobs in Canada.

Canada is a country that is filled with opportunities. Many international workers are trying for hotel jobs in Canada.

Hotel Jobs in Canada are highly sought-after; therefore, securing the desired job in Canada’s hospitality industry isn’t easy.

We’ve discussed an organized and streamlined method for Canada Hospitality Jobs in this blog.

Read on to get a through guide.

However, before we get to the next item, this is a 1-minute video about the hospitality industry in Canada.

The video provides the essential factors to consider when conducting your search for a hospitality job in Canada.

Let’s dive into the details right now. Let’s get to it.

This article will guide you through the following checklist to understand the Canadian hospitality industry and how to approach the job hunt in Canada.

How do you search for jobs in the hospitality industry in Canada?

Recently, there has been an enormous number of people from all across the globe to Canada, which has increased the market size and expanded the number of jobs on offer.

Although the number of jobs has increased across every industry, it is particularly true in the hospitality sector.

1. Top Hospitality Consultancies as well as Career Portals to Canada Hospitality Jobs

Consultancies in hospitality are highly beneficial to helping you, no matter which part of the hospitality industry.

These consultants will discuss the opportunities for career advancement at work that you are qualified for and help locate suitable jobs.

This is especially crucial for those from abroad looking for work in hospitality in Canada.

The consultancies also have job portals to log in with your username to get information on your job search status.

They also provide details about the jobs in hotels available and the criteria to be considered for these positions.

Here’s a list of the most reputable consultancies in Canada:

1. Gross Hospitality Recruiter

Gross Hospitality recruiters are among many of the top hospitality consulting firms owned and managed by professionals from the hospitality industry. They have several offices and a vast hospitality network in Canada.

2. Renard International

For more than 40 years, Renard International Consultancy has been an experienced and dedicated center to serve you in the hospitality business.

It guarantees complete client satisfaction to ensure that customers receive exactly what they’re seeking. It assists clients by providing affordable recruitment strategies that aid employers in finding the best candidate. This assists potential employees in finding the most suitable jobs for themselves.

It makes sure that the hospitality industry gets the most motivated and committed employees and that the employees are the best employers.

3. Global Hospitality, Canada

If you’re looking for Executive Hospitality Jobs in Canada, it could be your best option. It is a top executive and recruitment firm that offers career opportunities to candidates.

It guarantees that a hospitality business has the most skilled leadership because it has an extensive experience in this area.

There are other avenues to search for jobs in hospitality in Canada, such as Workopolis, which has plenty of restaurants with jobs.

If you’re searching for cruise ship jobs in Canada, you can discover them in the recruiter list of Cruise line jobs.

2. Here are a few basic terms to be aware of to applying for Hospitality Jobs in Canada.

The process of applying for hospitality and tourism jobs in Canada requires specific steps to be taken.

Additionally, looking for hospitality jobs in Canada is, in comparison, a more straightforward process, at least in some ways for Canadians, as opposed to immigrants from all over the world.

The first step when applying for a job is obtaining a Social Insurance Number (SIN), which is a nine-digit code required to access employment and benefits offered by the government.

It would help if you also had your resume or CV (CV) before applying for a job, regardless what the nature of the job.

A cover letter can be essential as an effective cover letter will create a positive impression and is the first step to getting a great job.

Once you’ve obtained your SIN and have prepared all the documents, you’ll be ready for the basics of applying.

Those who work in hospitality but do not hail from Canada must know some more fundamentals.

HTML0 The two primary methods to get into Canada to work

  1. Immigrate as a Federal Skilled Worker
    2. The regulatory authorities have approved specific trades

If you’re already conscious of your work and are looking to determine whether it falls within the approved categories, You can look up the list for the occupational profile. Professions in the categories mentioned above are in high demand across Canada.

If you do not fall on the “do not require work permits (most people who work in hospitality don’t belong to this category), employers must submit a Labour Market Impact assessment to employ international workers in the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

For professionals in hospitality who are unsure about the eligibility for immigration and procedures of applying for immigration, you can visit the authorized website by the Canadian government on the immigration services in Canada.

3. Get an idea of the Average Salaries and other specifics.

There is a wealth of information online to research the salaries for work in hospitality in Canada.

We suggest Payscale and Glassdoor for your first research into different pay scales. Our article about Hotel Management salaries should also assist you with the wages for various kinds of jobs in the hospitality sector.

You may be thinking about why you should care about these issues before applying. It’s important for three reasons.

1.  If fraudulent businesses approach you with an inflated salary, you’re protected.
2.  You can negotiate well during your job interview.
3.  You can get an estimate of your expenses and savings to determine if it’s a good idea to quit your job or not.

Find out the costs to live in Canada to aid you evaluate your salary and savings.

Also, learn more about tax-deductible housing, tax breaks, etc., because this will aid you in avoiding scams.

4. Find out about the Top Hotel Employer in Canada

A word of caution. This is a free source to help you with all aspects of your possible hospitality career lookup in Canada.

This article covers various aspects and provides information about how to apply for work in hospitality in Canada.

We will explore these in greater detail in this article.

We don’t offer or charge any hospitality-related services for Canada. We do not recommend any website or agency that demands you to use any service.

Start applying for Canadian hospitality jobs today.

The hospitality sector in Canada is growing despite the global recession and is capable of tackling the challenges it confronts with a ferocious hand.

Hospitality work in Alberta and Calgary has recently seen a growth in popularity, so they are worth looking at in Canada.

Many new graduates are looking to get jobs in this field, and a lot has been a success in this endeavor.

Because the hospitality sector is growing every year, we see numerous restaurants and hotels that make it onto the list of the top companies in Canada.

If you are looking to be one of the largest companies in the industry and want to be a part of the best, you must read the list below carefully.

Search Hospitality Jobs in Canada by browsing the list of the top hospitality companies

Click on the name if you want to do some more research about these employers.

1. Delta Hotels and Resorts

Delta Hotels and resorts are located in Toronto and comprise restaurants, hotels, and entertainment activities.

The primary personal development plans are developed by their top management teams and peer feedback. Furthermore, the promotions they receive are mostly made from within the hotel.

They also motivate and encourage their employees through rewards such as employee recognition and other similar initiatives. The internal efforts are coupled with other companies to produce positive results.

In this way, thanks to the efforts by the employers of Delta Hotels and Restaurants, They are on the top list of the employer in the hospitality sector in Canada.

2. Earl Restaurants Ltd.

In Vancouver, Earl Restaurants Ltd certainly is one of the most coveted employers around the globe in Canada. With 65 restaurants, it’s one of the top restaurants in Canada.

This is one of the top choices of job seekers seeking hospitality and tourism positions in Canada.

The most appealing aspect is that every employee is taught for one year. The leadership is responsible for the cost of the textbooks and the food required to train.

Employees of all levels can take part in various courses for personal development.

In addition, employee rewards include wine and trips. These trips will take you to some of the most beautiful destinations around the globe, including Japan, France, and Napa Valley in California.

3. Flight Center Canada

Another one that comes from Vancouver can be found in the Flight Center located in Canada, among the most reputable travel agencies in Canada. Its network offers hotels, restaurants, and leisure centers.

It is an excellent opportunity to enter the tourism and travel industry.

The most significant benefit of the direction of this center is that the in-house health and financial experts offer helpful advice and guidance on health-related activities and economic issues.

It believes in deciding from within, so around 90% of its management is sourced from current employees. Furthermore, the company also offers incentives to employees. The most rewarding ones are trips to seminars held annually.

4. Keg Restaurant Ltd

Keg Restaurant Ltd is a famous name in the hotel business in Canada that also contributes to the list of the top hospitality companies in Canada.

It’s a chain with more than 100 restaurants throughout Canada. It should be on your list of options if you search for employment opportunities for hospitality in Canada.

The center for corporate operations is within Richmond, B.C., and contributes a lot to developing workplace skills and practical skills for younger and less experienced employees.

It also promotes a “promotion by internal means” policy and gives 40% off meals when the trip is not directly related to work. There are unique events to celebrate the recognition of employees and other occasions and are also in the direction of helping young people through mentorship programs.

In addition to hotels, others such as Fairmont, Hilton Worldwide, and Hyatt and international Chains such as Pizza Hut top the list of companies that create job opportunities in hospitality in Canada.

It is also possible to look through the top hospitality Job websites in Canada to see the current vacancies they hold in Canada.

If you’re searching at Cruise Jobs, our resource on the best cruise lines and their careers sites can help with the investigation.

5. Learn about the Canadian hospitality industry in depth

While the entire world is stricken by unemployment, hospitality and tourism have created thousands of new jobs. Canada is home to a significant portion of these newly-created hospitality jobs.

Check out the infographic below from Hilton Worldwide. US and Canada require around 10 million more professionals in the hospitality industry by 2022. They trail the only Asia Pacific in terms of job growth.

The jobs in tourism and hospitality in Canada are increasing despite the odds.

It is a broad industry that covers services such as accommodation transportation, event management, and related fields in the tourism industry.

The various kinds of transportation, such as cruise lines, airlines, etc., are also considered components of hospitality.

Canadian hospitality jobs are separated into many sections.

Below are a few industries that are actively explored by professionals from the Hospitality industry in Canada:

1. Cruise Liner
2. Hotel Management
3. Restaurants
4. Aviation industry
5. Event Management
6. Theme parks, as well as other facilities management
7. Public Sectors and Hospitals
8. Travel agent

Here’s fascinating information about the hotel industry in Canada.

According to the Hotel Association of Canada, according to their figures for 2016, there were eighteen hotels in Canada with around 443,000 rooms. The hotels employ nearly 300,000 people. This number has risen in 2019 and is predicted to increase further over the next few years.

Restaurants are among the significant factor in the industry of hospitality in Canada and generate nearly 25% of all work opportunities in Canada.

The situation is the same across Canada, where restaurants have become an essential source of jobs in the hospitality industry in Canada.

The number of seasonal hospitality jobs available in Canada has seen a significant increase.

Image courtesy- of Yahoo News

Canada has welcomed immigrants for years.

The country’s size and the vast coastline ensure that the Cruise industry and Aviation sector prosper along with the Restaurant and Hotel sector.

The attractiveness of the nation, its slightly more relaxed immigration rules, and the pay provided have been a significant draw for professionals in the hospitality industry worldwide.

Finding hospitality positions in Canada is not for everyone because there’s always a lot of competition.

In the following few paragraphs, we’ll attempt to simplify you to complete the application process for jobs as a host in Canada.

6. Beware of fraudulent practices and fake consulting.

If the deal seems too promising and too good to be true, it’s a scam job offer or an illegal immigration offer. Do not make any payment to anyone before you have looked over the entire information.

Finding job opportunities in hospitality in Canada is a complex piece of cake to solve. If you find yourself in a situation quickly, be cautious.

Criminals can gain access to you via the following activities:

1. Hotel mail- Verify if it’s from a hotel’s official email address (Moreover, hotels do not send out letters for job applications)
2. Contact from unknown consultancies with no physical address, claiming to offer jobs.
3. In the first mailer, you should mention benefits and salaries. the first letter
4. In the form of messages or a phone call from someone promising to work (Meet the person first)
5. With Linkedin messages (unfortunately, even Linkedin cannot stop these scams)
6. New Hotel Opening Job requirement (The criminals can find it because new hotels have all he jobs)

7. Make use of social networks to gather information and job search.

Image Source- Nimble

Establishing a solid network of contacts can create a wealth of possibilities. It aids in spreading your message to the world that you’re looking for an opportunity to work. This is crucial in the hospitality industry.

Be on the lookout for Canada’s Facebook and Twitter circles to look into Canadian hospitality jobs on your networks.

The most well-known one can be found on Linkedin, and you have to join groups with details on Jobs across Canada.

Some of the most popular LinkedIn groups include “Canada Jobs” and “USA Canada Chef jobs for chefs restaurant luxury hotel manager’.

It is also recommended to keep track of a few most popular Hotels in Canada and the most influential hospitality personalities from Canada.

Twitter is a popular social media site, especially for those in the USA and Canada. It is essential to have a Twitter account. You can follow many job-related consultancies and immigration experts to receive regular updates regarding employment opportunities for hospitality in Canada.

Sites such as Nimble can be utilized to establish robust networks.

8. Contact hotels directly or through authorized agents only.

A career in hospitality in Canada is sought-after by most workers in the hospitality industry.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, it’s essential to keep yourself free from the temptation of using shortcuts.

Go to earlier points with extensive information and resources about employers, agencies, and job portals.

Use these in conjunction with your social networks to search for a suitable job.

Finding a job is a complex process. It would help if you kept trying to get your dream job.

If you’re consistent with your application for employment and use the resources and information above and resources, you will get good work in the hospitality industry of Canada shortly.

HTML0 Give yourself three to four months’ time frame to be prepared and submit your HTML0 application to a trustworthy source solely.

9. Get ready for your job interview and apply.

If you want to get into the business of hospitality, it is necessary to market yourself effectively. Selling yourself effectively can be a variety of aspects, but the most crucial step to selling yourself is to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

It is essential to highlight your strengths and talk about your experience with passion. It is necessary to demonstrate this on your application and during the interview.

See our other article about different kinds of job interviews to learn how to prepare for the interview, whether in person, via using Skype, or telephonic, to aid your Canada Hospitality Job search.

It is also crucial to keep track of your long-term plans for the long-term.

One who knows the direction in which they see themself in the future in the hospitality sector has a higher probability of breaking the barrier when compared to someone who does not appreciate the power of imagination.

Please find out more about the company to which you’ve submitted your application because it will affect the skills you’ll need to be considered for the job.

Large companies, such as airline companies and hotels, have the resources to teach new employees. However, smaller companies typically seek people with prior experience in similar positions.

It is the broad class of industries within the service sector and, in particular, the tourism industry. The operation of the hospitality sector is dependent on the availability of leisure time and disposable income.

For a successful experience in hospitality services, you need to demonstrate a well-developed set of soft abilities. The regular and soft skills include:

  1. Communications -When you are in the field of services, you must always be alert and ready to serve. Service also demands that you communicate effectively with your clients. Communication requires you to listen and speak enough to convey your message and be able to address the issue.
  2. As an entire team
  3. HTML0Flexibility and being able to adapt to changes initiated by the company you work for.
  4. Be honest with yourself, your employer, and the business.
  5. Awareness of having experience and knowledge of business situations and interpersonal skills allows you to handle situations effectively.

Suppose you’ve got these abilities, great! If not, then make an effort to improve these soft skills to ensure that you can get through an interview with ease.

Finding a job in the field of services can be difficult; however, when you’ve got these abilities and feel sure about your skills, there’s no reason that you will not be able to be accepted.

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to find a job in the hospitality sector in Canada, and the question of “how” will be addressed.

10. Always double-check job advertisements.

If Hyatt, Toronto, has offered you a job, they should know this. Does that not sound like common sense?

Therefore, it is essential to do confirmation to get confirmation from your employer. It is wise to ask questions and not to sound foolish when cross-checking the offer.

Here are some intelligent methods to double-check the offer you receive from your employer:

  1. You can get the email from the official website. Drop an acknowledgment email.
  2. Connect with the HR Manager. Please connect to the HR Manager on LinkedIn and then express your appreciation.
  3. Contact the Human Resource department of the company to verify the offer’s specifics and confirm the date of joining.
  4. Send an email to the human resource department for any other documentation or references.
  5. Please find a few friends within the hospitality group and connect them on Facebook or LinkedIn who can be able to cross-check this.

If you discover something suspicious, ask the consulate to confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of any job offers you are handed. It’s better not to be dissatisfied in the present than regret it later when you’ve lost time and money.

So, it’s always recommended to check the information.

Therefore, you can call the local Canadian consulate via either phone or email and have your request verified and cross-checked.

It is also advisable to do this because the area will be familiar and familiar for you when you go to the consulate to apply for a work visa.

11. Plan your trip to Canada

After you have completed the complex tasks and revel in the excitement of getting the dream hotel job in Canada, Don’t forget to plan your trip professionally.

What’s the biggest deal, you may be wondering?

However, you should reconsider.

You will be screened before your being allowed to be admitted to Canada.

Therefore, you should review the checklist before you go out to celebrate your accomplishments.

  1. Are all of your paperwork in order?
  2. Have you submitted your application, and have you received your Visa?
  3. Do you have a police clearance document from your country of origin?
  4. Have you had your mandatory medical examination for citizens from several nations?
  5. Can you afford the Canadian dollars needed for your first month since your first paycheck is just a month away? Consider bringing some extra cash to ensure you are in a secure area.
  6. Do you have to book your flight on your own? If yes, then book it prior to the time that airfares will make a leap.
  7. Get the basics of your supplies filled.
  8. Make arrangements for your hotel reservation in the event that it’s not already booked.

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