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3 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada Without a College

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3 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada Without a College

We’ll offer the qualifications needed to get into the field and a National Occupational Classification code (NOC) as well as the annual salary for Canadian workers for every occupation that doesn’t require a particular college degree. Therefore, whether you’re getting started or are looking for a new job, look no further for great job opportunities!

3 High Paying Careers That Don’t Require a Degree in Canada

#1. Web Developer

Web Developer jobs are the first in our listing of job areas that don’t require qualifications. Web developers are responsible for the website’s design, development, and layout. They are employed in various Canadian firms and are usually involved in designing and developing intranet and online applications. While not required, web developers typically possess a college diploma or a university degree related to computer sciences.

Web Developer NOC Code

21233 is currently the NOC code for Web Developers (formerly 2175). In 2016, Census web designers in Canada had a median pay of $61,500.

#2. Farm Workers

The farm workers are responsible for the farm’s day-to-day operations. They may work in nurseries, greenhouses, and fields, among others. Most farm workers are graduates of high school or equivalent.

Farm Worker NOC Code

84120 is the most current NOC code for farmers (formerly 831). Based on the data from 2016’s Census of agricultural labourers, workers in Canada had a median annual pay of $24,000.

The requirements for working in Canada as Farm Workers:

  • High school graduation or an equivalent diploma is generally required.
  • Farm workers should have at least a few years of experience working in the agricultural sector.
  • They must be able effectively to communicate with clients as well as team members.
  • Most farms employ workers in rural settings, but some work from home.
  • Certain farm employees are self-employed and perform their work on a contractual basis.

#3. Firefighter

Firefighters are responsible for handling fires as well as other emergencies. They can also provide medical assistance as well as carry out rescue missions. Firefighters typically hold the equivalent of a high school diploma or equivalent.

NOC Code for Firefighters

The current NOC code of firefighters is 42101. (formerly 4312). Based on the Census of 2016, which was previously 4312. According to the Census, the median annual salary of Canadian firefighters in 2016 was $60,000.

Conditions to be employed within Canada as a Firefighter

  • High school graduation or similar is generally required.
  • Firefighters need to have several years of experience working in the fire department.
  • They must be able effectively to communicate with customers or colleagues.
  • The majority of firefighters work at fire stations. However, some firefighters work from home.
  • Some firefighters are self-employed and are employed on a contract.

Following the list of the top 20 highest-paying jobs in Canada that don’t require any degree, these jobs are essential in the Canadian economy Libraries Assistant Drivers, Welders, Drivers Air Traffic Controller massage therapists, and Drivers.

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