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Visa Sponsorship, Truck Driver Job in Canada

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Visa Sponsorship, Truck Driver Job in Canada

A new study suggests that in 2024, the Canadian trucking sector will be just 48,000 truckers on a long stretch. This is a fantastic news item for truck drivers since it provides the perfect opportunities for anyone hoping to move to Canada to do this job.

Additionally, the Canadian transportation industry is constantly finding work opportunities for truck drivers who have a long stretch. The Canadian government has also been solid in these numerous changes, as they provide individuals from outside the country who are qualified for employment as truck drivers within the country with work visas.

Truck Driver Job Requirements in Canada (With Visa Sponsorship)

It is essential to research the requirements needed to get a truck driver job in Canada. This will aid you in understanding what you need to do to obtain visa sponsorship for a truck driver to work out of the country in Canada.

They also include the accompanying.

The jobs of a truck driver in Canada include extremely long-lasting and long-lasting, full-time, extra time at the end of a weeknight, day and evening shifts.

A school confirmation option is preferred but is not necessary for this particular position.

The ability to drive confidently is a must, but it’s not vital.

The ability to communicate essential or functional English is crucial.

Participation in courses, as well as other requirements, will be required for this task.

A valid driver’s license (Class 1. or A.) is required, and so is an Air Brake (Z) Endorsement.

Types of Trucking and Equipment Tractor-trailer: Flatbed, Tractor, Highway, Refrigerated truck (4,600kgplus or 10,000lbs using three axles or more).

Security and Wellbeing: The basics of protected status, criminal verification and driving background check (unique), Clinical assessment, and a medication test are needed.

Information on travel and transportation Willing to travel across Canada and the United States. Flexible enough to travel day and night and even for the time being in classes, and can travel for long periods.

Other: Candidates must be legally able to work in Canada and should be able to join two-person teams to operate large stretch trucks.

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Abilities Required:

The ability to drive and work straight or with a clear explanation of trucks to transport items and other supplies.

Dumping and stacking freight as well as tarping and providing security and safety for freight

Capacity to design your trip schedules and courses.

It would help if you considered using charts, books and other organizing tools to help you in organizing your trip.

Gather information and then hand it to the central dispatcher.

The ability to drive in an RV or as a member of a crew of two.

You should also be able to evaluate the vehicle’s condition and inspect the tires, lights, brakes, cold capacity and other equipment.

Top Provincial Programs in Canada for Truck Driver Jobs

Here’s the complete list of the top programs that can help you find employment as a truck driver that has a visa sponsor in Canada:

British Columbia

British Columbia is a provincial program for truck drivers in Canada is

An offer for full-time employment in the long-haul trucking field is considered the standard for applicants in the semi-skilled and entry-level categories, with more than 400 job openings on the bank. Long-haul drivers can reside in British Columbia for life. Learn more about immigration in British Columbia by visiting their website at


With 837 job advertisements currently in place, Quebec leads the way for local job opportunities for the truck driver. According to the information posted on the Quebec government’s site for employment, job opportunities for truck drivers are “excellent” with their system.

Access the Quebec website at


In July of 2019 In July of 2019, the NOC code for drivers of transport trucks (7511) was added to the Ontario Immigrant Program Employment Job Offer for Employers in-Demand Skills Stream, as well as three other jobs.

This means that experienced truck drivers with an employment offer in Ontario have a clear route to permanent residency in Canada. Learn more about immigration at


Long-haul truckers are a second in-demand job in the Alberta Immigrant Program, with over 500 job opportunities in the employment bank. Both the Alberta Opportunity Stream and Alberta Express Entry are available to drivers of trucks.


Employers looking to employ truck drivers in Manitoba should follow the national Labour Market Impact Assessment for Temporary Foreign Workers procedure. This Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program only allows employers to hire workers outside of the LMIA procedure if certain conditions are met, including the recruitment process and compliance with provincial laws regarding labour.

Visit the Manitoba immigration website at to discover more.

Newfoundland and Labrador

This province is located in Canada. Canadian province Newfoundland and Labrador

The Labor Market Outlook 2025 report in Newfoundland and Labrador features truck driving as a job requiring significant immigration to meet job opening requirements. In the NLPNPs, Skilled Workers and Express Entry stream trucking companies should apply for qualified managers.


For those who have previously worked in Canada with a work-related grant, Saskatchewan Immigration has a sub-category for Long-Haul Truck Drivers. The job also fulfils all Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand classifications requirements, and each drawing focuses on particular job categories.

Nova Scotia

Transport Truck Drivers of Transport Trucks (NOC 7511) are among the two job categories in Nova Scotia’s Nominee Program’s Occupations In-Demand stream. This is a clear road to a highly sturdy place for drivers to live in.

It is possible to locate the truck driver’s line of work visa-sponsored in Canada by this program.

Wages for Truck Drivers in Canada

Hourly pay for truck drivers is in line with provincial and national averages.

According to the job bank and Statistics Canada information, the median wage of truck drivers is a bit lower than the norm for the general population. However, it can increase to over eight dollars more than the average, up to $32 per hour, under certain situations.

The compensation to truck drivers has been expected to rise as job demand increases later in the years, and this would be generally regarded as standard.


If you’re thinking of a job as a truck driver with the possibility of visa-sponsored work in Canada for non-Canadians, you’re at the right place. You’ve come to the right track. This article highlighted the open doors as well as numerous projects that are offering these opportunities.

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