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How to Earn up to $69,420 as Welder in Canada

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How to Earn up to $69,420 as Welder in Canada

The current job market is filled with thousands of positions available across Canada open to highly skilled and experienced welders looking for new opportunities in the job market abroad. When you move from Canada as a welding professional, you’ll make up to $69,420 and gain permanent residency and advantages like healthcare coverage that is free to the public and schooling from Grade 12 onwards to your family members.

The best program to allow you to come into Canada as a welding professional can be found in one the Federal Trade Worker Program. However, those who express an interest in a specific region or province and apply through the Province Nominee Program with significant demand for their work can increase their chances of receiving an invitation to Apply (ITA) to become a permanent resident when they receive invitation from the provincial nominating committee.

Provincial nominations require an offer of employment and limit you to work for the employer you have chosen and territory; they also come with an added benefit of an additional 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, which almost guarantee you an invitation to apply.

While the possibilities are excellent but the system for obtaining them is complex and requires many assessments to be completed before being considered suitable. There are also plenty of forms to be completed and submitted by federal regulations. Any mistake could result in the loss of your visa. This will leave you with the dilemma: “Is it worth taking the chance applying on your own?”

The ICCRC has not just recognized our RCICs; they have also gone through the process of obtaining a visa, making them highly skilled and familiar with the immigration process. To evaluate your eligibility and more details about obtaining an immigration visa, follow here for the hyperlink.

Which Provinces Need Welders?

The most important provinces in Canada require experienced welders and provide attractive job opportunities, with a median pay of $69,420. Compared to the average wage in the US, where the average welder earns approximately 39741 dollars (C$52297.17), Canada is the better choice for those looking for lucrative job opportunities. The following territories and provinces provide excellent work opportunities and pay for immigrants welding professionals:

Top Paying Canadian Provinces for Welders
Province/Territory Annual Salary Average
1. Northwest Territories $61,913
2. Alberta $60,382
3. British Columbia $54,600
4. Saskatchewan $52,000
5. Manitoba $40,950
6. Ontario $39,546

It is important to remember that even though the average salary in Northwest Territories is higher, the average salaries in Northwest Territories are higher, and the cost of living in the Northwest Territories is higher than in Saskatchewan, Manitoba. Additionally, you are more likely to have many job opportunities in provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and British Columbia, making them ideal alternatives to consider when relocating from Canada.

How Do I Immigrate to Canada as a Welder?

1. The Federal Skilled Trades Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program requires that you possess at a minimum:

  • Two years of full-time, full-time work knowledge;
  • A language proficiency that is suitable that able to communicate in the language of English either French;
  • You must meet your specific trade requirements, as defined by your NoC (National Occupation Code) (NOC 7237 for a welder.
  • Have a valid job offer for a year more;
  • Have a certification of competence from a territory, province, or federal agency.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is one of the three federal programs managed under the Express Entry system originally implemented to facilitate immigration and expedite the processing time as low as six months.

The best part about this program is that it has no educational requirements, and there is no requirement for an offer of employment. Still, both can improve the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) and your chances of obtaining an ITA.

2.The Provincial Nominee Program

Province Nominee Programs are designed for semi-skilled candidates who might not be able to use Express Entry. Express Entry system, however, has previous work experience and employment to offer Canada. The only thing is that you’ll be limited to working with your chosen employer during the period of your visa within that specific province.

The good thing with PNPs is that some offer Express Entry Streams, which permits provinces and territories to choose their profile out of a pool of. When you receive a provincial nominee, you can receive 600 additional CRS points. This is the maximum amount of points you can earn in addition to your basic points (based on your education.

ie. core points(max 600) + additional points(max 600) = maximum of 1200

Please read our blog to learn more about Canada’s Methods to immigrate to Canada.

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