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How to Apply For a Student Visa to Canada


How to Apply For a Student Visa to Canada

How to get a Students Visa to Canada. Every year, more than 130,000 students worldwide choose to pursue their studies at Canadian institutions. In addition to an excellent educational system, Canada offers a variety of opportunities and a vibrant cultural scene.

Research, publications of scientific nature, international collaborations, and scientific publications are the three main areas in which Canada and its universities are focused.

However, how hard is it to obtain that student visa, known as the Canadian study permit, to Canada? Finding out this information is a key factor in deciding which university you’d like to attend. What is the procedure to obtain a student visa to Canada, and how difficult is it?

Let’s explore the world together!

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1: Apply to a Canadian school, and you will receive an acceptance letter.

If you’re not sure which university you’d like to attend in Canada, You’ll need to decide before beginning the student visa application process. If you are accepted into the Canadian school, you’ll be issued an acceptance letter, which will be required to complete the visa application.

Here are a few Canadian universities that we would highly recommend:

2: You should determine if you are required an application for a visa to study in Canada

You can utilize this official Canadian Study Permit tool to determine a permit or study visa requirements. There is no need to obtain a study permit if you are one of these scenarios is true for you:

  • You are a member of the family or employee of a foreign agent in Canada who is certified through Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada.
  • You enroll in the course of study, which lasts for no more than six months.
  • You are a part of the foreign forces under the Visiting Forces Act.
  • However, if you are an Indian citizen from another country, you hold an Indian status, which is recognized in Canada.

Keep in mind that the visa/study permit is not an actual visa that permits you to enter or leave Canada. You’ll require a visa for travel or an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

3: Make an application to get a Canadian student visa now.

Once you have received an acceptance letter from the school, it’s time to move on to the following step: applying to get a visa for students, which is locally referred to as an academic permit.

The first step to obtaining your student visa is:

  • Apply online for the Canadian student visa on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website before arriving in Canada.
  • Documents for submitting a visa application via post if you have an insufficient internet connection or cannot submit the documents online.
  • Send an acceptance letter from an approved educational institution (a university recognized as such by Canada’s Canadian federal government).
  • Provide proof of cash flow to finance the cost of your education in Canada (tuition fees, living costs).
  • Provide proof of no criminal conviction.
  • Provide medical records that prove you are healthy. Submit a complete medical examination when necessary.

By the latest guidelines on visas for foreigners, when you have a relative working or seeking a work permit in Canada, and you apply for your student permit is reviewed within two weeks. You can extend or renew your visa to study if:

  • you’d like to pursue your studies
  • Your program has an extension
  • you change your university

This study license expires 90 days after the course is completed (after you receive a confirmation of the program’s successful completion). You can still stay in Canada to explore and travel, obtain a permit to work either a part-time or full-time job, or even become self-employed.

A good tip is to check whether your country of residence is included on the lists of biometric requests to apply for a study permit.

4: Ensure you have all the necessary documents for the student visa to Canada.

  • Student permit application form that has been filled in
  • The original acceptance letter from the university
  • A valid passport or travel document permits you to go back to your country of origin. If you reside in the USA, This is not mandatory.
  • Two passport-sized photos from recent times with specifics of the date of birth and name on the reverse
  • Evidence of financial support for your course of the study implies that you can prove you earn Between 10,000 and 11,000 Canadian dollars each year to live within the nation.
  • An intent letter
  • Suppose you plan to study in Quebec and plan to study in Quebec. In that case, you’ll require the Certificate acceptance of Quebec, English, and French translations of the document and a declaration by the translator, and an authentic duplicate of your original document.
  • Evidence that you have paid the fee for your study permit (150 Canadian dollars)

5: Learner requirements in the language of Canada

Evidence of English proficiency isn’t included in the documents required to be submitted for a Canadian student visa. However, if you are not from an English-speaking country, Canadian universities will require that you submit evidence of English proficiency. The acceptable tests for language proficiency include:

  • IELTS Academic
  • PTE Academic
  • C1 Advanced

6: Interview and appointment for biometrics

By your nationality, you might need to turn in a Visa Application Centre in your country for your biometrics to be taken. The cost for biometrics is 85 dollars. The fee is added to the standard visa application cost (150 dollars). Certain countries are exempt from the biometrics requirement, and therefore, their citizens don’t require a visit to an application center in any way.

Based on the specific circumstances of your case, depending on the situation, you may be required to appear for an interview. The local visa centers will charge a fee for using their services.

7: What is the time frame to obtain this Canadian studies permit?

When you apply to get a Canadian visa for study, the process can take anywhere from 90 to 120 days, but usually quicker. This is also contingent on the circumstances in your home country.

You can use this Student Direct Stream to obtain your study permit quicker. The cost starts at 150CAD, and processing times are generally approximately 20 days. Students Direct is only accessible to students in those countries listed below:

  • China
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • The Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Vietnam

There are more up-to-date details about your Canadian student visa by visiting the Canadian government’s official page for student visas.


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