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University of Manitoba Scholarships in Canada

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University of Manitoba Scholarships in Canada

It was created to honor academic excellence by international students who have graduated from international schools or pursuing studies at the University of Manitoba.

The scholarships will be given to students

  • International students (i.e., who are in Canada who have valid studies permits) who have applied for admittance to any school or Faculty of the University of Manitoba by the deadline of March 1st;
  • Pay the tuition rates for international students;
  • I have achieved an average in high school of 85%. This is based on the top five academic courses at the senior level that we have approved for our general Entrance scholarship list.

Every year, the amount of every award will be established in tiers based on high school grade averages. For instance the year 2020-2021, the values of awards were according to the following:

  • Standards that are greater than or equivalent to 95% of $3,000
  • Measures that are greater than or equal to 90% of $2,000
  • Actions that are greater than or equivalent to 85% of $1,000

The award cannot be combined in conjunction with the University of Manitoba International Baccalaureate Entrance Scholarship or any other award offered by the University of Manitoba Entrance Scholarship program.

International Undergraduate Student Scholarships

The International Undergraduate Student Scholarship will be designed to honor the outstanding academic achievements of international students attending The University of Manitoba.

International students are eligible for scholarships. students who

  • are currently in Canada in Canada with valid study permits
  • who have completed at least 24 credit hours at any School or Faculty that is part of The University of Manitoba;
  • You will be able to demonstrate outstanding academic achievements concerning courses completed during the most recent academic session (minimum GPA is 3.5);
  • The fall/winter academic session will continue for the next year of full-time undergraduate studies within their program in the fall/winter academic session.

The applicants who meet the above criteria are ranked according to the sessional grade point average. Awards will be made until all funds are used, or the grade point threshold is attained. All eligible recipients will be notified on August 31st.

International Student Bursaries

To be eligible for bursaries offered by the University of Manitoba, you have to apply for the University of Manitoba General Bursary through Aurora and other individual applications required for particular awards.

General bursary applications for the Fall and Winter terms will be made available on the Aurora Student Portal at the beginning of August. Together with any documents supporting it, the application must be sent by the Financial Aid and Awards office by October. 1st. International students in the first semester of post-secondary studies at the University of Manitoba in Canada do not qualify to apply for the general bursary program.

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