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Howard University Graduate Programs I Requirements and How to Apply

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Howard University Graduate Programs I Requirements and How to Apply

In this article below : Howard University Graduate Programs. The Graduate School is the most prominent source of information and advocacy for graduate students at Howard University. We provide support and guidance for students from the moment they are admitted to Howard University through the major milestones of their graduate school careers until they have completed all requirements for graduation. Our Graduate School serves as the central point of contact for all humanities and the arts programs, as well as the biological, engineering, and social sciences divisions. We must provide personal, academic, and professional support to ensure the long-term achievement of Howard University master’s, certificate, and doctoral students.

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Graduate School works with each department’s directors, deans, chairs, faculty, and personnel to preserve Howard University’s fundamental values. We’re committed to attracting and maintaining the faculty that, through their teaching, research, and service, is dedicated to advancing our students in graduate school.

Furthermore, it is the place where it is also the case that Howard University’s Graduate School provides ongoing review of the quality of all new as well as continuing certificates and graduate programs. It establishes and promotes the highest standards, keeps the student’s records, and confirms the advancement of students to degree candidacy. We are responsible for implementing policies, procedures, and best practices formulated by Howard University’s Graduate School Executive Board and Howard University.

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The day-to-day operations of our company include but aren’t only

  • Affecting a positive atmosphere for Howard Graduate School students. Howard Graduate School community
  • Services provided to students
  • Financial aid for students and academic programs.
  • Mentoring and training students
  • Working with Chairs, Graduate Directors, and Deans of Schools and Colleges
  • Establishing and maintaining excellence in educational programs
  • Responsible for overseeing the supervision of Graduate School grievance and appeals procedure
  • Conducting RCR as well as other ethics training
  • Coordinating training in conjunction with The University Title IX Office
  • Professional development workshops for professionals.
  • Maintaining communication and building relationships
  • Maintaining Howard University academic standards

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