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University of Toronto Scholarships in Canada

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University of Toronto Scholarships in Canada

Established in 1827, it was initially known as King’s College; the University of Toronto is recognized as the first Canadian institution of higher education. The public research university took on its present name in 1850 following its separation from its parent institution, the Church of England.

Toronto has the main campus located in Queen’s Park, Toronto, and two additional campuses in Mississauga and Scarborough.

The three branches provide programs in their respective Faculties of Arts & Science, Applied Science & Engineering, Architecture & Design, Forestry, Music Information, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Kinesiology & Law, Physical Education and Social Work.

The university also plays host to the Schools of Public Health, Management, Public Policy & Governance and Theology and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

As a prestigious researcher-led university, UToronto boasts the highest budget in Canada, primarily funded by government organizations. The most well-known UToronto supporters comprise The Canadian Institute of Health Research and the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council. This article will look at University of Toronto scholarships for international students.

International Students at Toronto

Toronto’s University of Toronto has one of the most enrolment rates worldwide, with 93,801 students. About one-quarter of the students are from abroad (24.7 per cent, (or 23,019).

Most international students study for Master’s and PhD degrees (19,000), and the remainder (4,019) pursue their Bachelor’s degrees.

Most students from abroad originate from China, India, and the United States regarding citizenship.

To meet the needs of this vast amount of foreign students, The university has established an official office called”the Center for International Experience. Its primary function is to provide students with the solutions they require to continue their quest for global education.

In addition to overseeing the essential requirements, including Canada permit to study, work permits and insurance. The office also handles research grants, awards, as well as internships.

Tuition Fee at the University of Toronto for International Students

The cost of undergraduate tuition for students at the University of Toronto varies according to the particular program. The least expensive course is Music, which costs 39,560 dollars (USD 31,330) for an entire year. The most expensive course is the Applied Science or Engineering course costing CAD 62,250 (USD 49,230) for a whole year.

The tuition for graduate students is less expensive. The cheapest cost begins from CAD 25,206, or US$ 19,965 (Masters in Forest Conservation). PhD programs are less expensive, starting at 6,210CAD (USD 4,920) per year.

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International Admissions Guide at Toronto

Find out more information about the admissions policies of UToronto by clicking here.

Application Fee at the University of Toronto

To apply to UToronto, applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee of 180CAD (USD 140).

Applications may also be made by application centres like the Ontario Universities Application Center, which charges a fee and the additional fee for admission to universities of 90CAD (USD 75).

In the School for Graduate Studies, the application fee is USD 130 (USD 100). Based on the program you choose, you may also need to pay a fee for a second course.

You may consider Universities in Canada that do not charge application fees.

Admissions Requirements at UToronto for International Students

The only requirement for international students must be graduation from secondary education. Senior-level/grade twelve English program is mandatory. It is not included in University’s English requirements for language. Acceptable tests such as tests can be found in Cambridge, Duolingo, Pearson, IELTS, and TOEFL.

The program you are interested in may require you to complete other required courses. Majors in Biochemistry, for example, require classes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus and Vectors.

Additional requirements for applications – like auditions or profiles may also be required for some students (Management, Computer Science, Kinesiology, Music Architecture, etc.)

For Master’s students, the minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree, with an average of a minimum B (or equivalent). PhD applicants are, however, required an academic diploma from a Master’s program with a minimum grade of a minimum B (an A-minus mark can result in direct admission to PhD programs).

The proof that you have English ability, which must be taken within the last 24 hours, is also mandatory.

The other requirements for personal reference include personal letters of recommendation and GRE results. A particular professor or program may require additional documents.

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University of Toronto Rankings

The World University Rankings lists UToronto as one of the 18 18 top universities worldwide. The rankings also place the university at the 20th spot in World Reputation and 28 for ImpactImpact.

The top-ranked program at the university includes Clinical & Health Science, which is ranked in the 6 7 globally. Their Arts & Humanities program, in contrast, is classified as 15 in the world.

The other notable specializations of UToronto are Business & Economics (24) as well as Science and Technology (25), Life Science (25), Social Science (27), Engineering & Technology (28), and Physical Science (33).

Its Top Universities survey, on the contrary, rates UToronto lower, at just 25. However, its subject rankings are significantly higher. For example, the University’s Education & Training and Library Management programs are ranked third globally.

The sports programs offered by UToronto rank 4th. Anatomy and Physiology courses rank 5th, and its Anthropology degrees are at the 6th position.

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate

Although it is a top-tier university, UToronto has a markedly high acceptance rate. According to recent estimates, it is 43 per cent.

With this acceptance number, UToronto makes sure that it takes only the top of the best. The statistics show that the majority of the applicants who are eligible for admission can achieve a GPA that ranges from 3.6 to 4.0 and SAT range of 1330 to 1500 and ACT score of 29 to 34.

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University of Toronto Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship

  • The scholarship amount is the total cost of books, tuition as well as accommodations

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship is a highly prestigious and highly competitive University of Toronto scholarship granted to first-time students whose high schools nominate. The selection process is based on the student’s academic achievements and their leadership skills and creativity. The ImpactImpact that the student has on their school and the community is taken into consideration in addition.

In addition to covering the entire tuition In addition to the tuition amount, the Pearson scholarship includes book expenses, accommodation, book costs, and other fees associated with the program.

An average of 37 qualified students are awarded the Pearson award each year.

2. University of Toronto International Scholar Award

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to CAD 100,000 (USD 79,195)

The Toronto International Scholar award is awarded to students from the Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George campus) by merit. All candidates are automatically evaluated to be eligible for the University of Toronto scholarship, with a value of up to 100,000 CAD (CAD 40,000 for the very first year and CAD 20,000 for subsequent years).

Renewing this scholarship is contingent on the status of the applicant. While an exact GPA cannot be required to keep this award, it is possible to be terminated in the event of inadequate performance.

Review the Top University Scholarships available to international students if you’re looking for a scholarship.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Schmidt Science Fellows Award

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to CAD 100,000 (USD 79,195)

The award is funded by the Eric & Wendy Schmidt Strategic Fund for Innovation. The Eric & Wendy Schmidt Strategic Fund for Innovation Science Fellows Award aims to support the most innovative leaders of the next.

The grant is available the opportunity to up to 9 UToronto students; those who are eligible must present a credible and original PhD study that promises an excellent reward for the community.

The selection process for the University of Toronto scholarship is, in addition, based on leadership qualities, character, as well as the ambition to be global for social change.

2. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to CAD 40,000 (USD 31,680)

The Trudeau scholarship is awarded the opportunity to PhD students – engaged leaders with the potential to make a difference in communities not just in Canada but across the globe.

To be considered for the University of Toronto scholarship, the applicant must be a 1st-3 4th-year doctoral candidate specializing in one of the four humanities or social science disciplines.

If you’re interested, look at the Best Masters’s Scholarships or Doctoral Scholarships for international students.

I hope this post about University of Toronto scholarships for international students was of help. If you’re interested, check out our Canada Scholarships page!

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