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How to Apply top Jobs in Canada in 2023


How to Apply top Jobs in Canada in 2023

Most In-Demand and Highest Paying Jobs in Canada. Many highly sought-after jobs are available in Canada, and employers seek foreigners for their teams during the new year. If you didn’t get the chance in 2022, now is your chance to submit your application. 2023 is believed as the year of the Tiger, so why not use this chance to seize the opportunities available? Perhaps these opportunities could be the key to making your dream a reality.

1. Driver

(NOC codes: 7511, 7521, 7452, 7513)

Canada will require many drivers shortly since there’s always a rising demand for cargo and other goods that require transportation within and around Canada. The average annual wage for truckers in Canada is, for instance, approximately $44,836.

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2. Receptionist

(NOC code: 1414)

The receptionist job is among the biggest responsibilities in an organization since they are the primary person to represent the whole company. They must always make a great impression via phones or on the street. This job requires poise and being capable of communicating with professionalism throughout the day and multitasking. More companies are opening up and launching in Canada and need an attractive image to represent the business. The average annual salary for this job is $35,304.

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3. Electrical Engineer

(NOC code: 2133)

There are six nuclear power plants in Canada, the biggest being Bruce Nuclear. With power stations that have up to 6,430 megawatts, it’s clear that Canada is very much in demand in the field of electrical engineers to assist analyze, designing, specifying, constructing, and testing electrical systems using various components to ensure that all operations are secure and secure. The annual average earnings for this position is $91,832.

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4. Chef

(NOC code: 6321)

Because of Canada’s multicultural society, there’s an opening for chefs, as there is a demand in Canada for chefs who be experts in international food. There’s nothing that brings people closer than food. Many visitors visit Canada every day, and hospitality and tourism require chefs at restaurants and hotels. Chefs are paid about $40,088 per annum.

5. Cashier

(NOC code: 6611)

This is among the most simple jobs to obtain since it doesn’t require education in tertiary school. If you’re starting and don’t have much experience in the field, this might be the right job for you. The salary of cashiers is $22,549 up to $28,687 annually.

6. Physiotherapy Assistant

(NOC code: 3142)

In the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, occupational and physiotherapy is a growing quickly-moving market due to numerous elderly patients who require assistance and support. A huge number of needing help, and not enough medical professionals are available to meet the demand for jobs. The average wage for an assistant in physiotherapy is $78,000 annually or $40 an hour.

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7. Accountant

(NOC code: 0111, 1111)

Accounting is much more than one set of fields. It’s a multiverse, which includes taxes, payroll, auditing, and many other aspects. The CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) certification is essential to get into any of the fields in the field of accounting. The average annual salary for an accountant can range between $59,100 and $89,100.

8. Registered Nurse

(NOC code: 3012)

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the health system of nurses within Canada. Canada is home to one of the top healthcare systems worldwide, and it’s easy to understand why nurses are highly sought-after. The annual salary of registered nurses is $77,603; however, it will vary between provinces based on your experience.

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9. Sales Associate

(NOC code: 6411)

Sales reps and sales representatives assist and assist customers in the purchase process. The goal is to make the buyer feel as relaxed as possible and ensure that the product they purchase is what they require. Representatives, sales associates, and reps make an average of $52,277 yearly.

10. Financial Advisor

(NOC codes: 0111, 1114)

In all, Canada has about 90,000 financial advisors. Believe that or not, there’s plenty of room for more. Since it is among the most lucrative jobs in Canada, you’d expect it to take much longer for you to qualify as a financial adviser. It’s only going to take between 18 and 24 months to be a financial adviser depending on your work time and availability. The annual salary of an advisor in the field is approximately $65,000, which is $33.33 an hour. At first, you’ll be paid around $50,000 annually. However, more experienced professionals can earn as much as $108,137 annually.

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11. Pharmacist

(NOC code: 3131)

Pharmacists are considered to be among the most lucrative jobs in Canada. To become a licensed pharmacist in Canada, you must have an education in pharmacy (or the Canadian equivalent ), take the test prescribed to be administered by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC), and be registered within the province or territory you want to practice lawfully. The salary of pharmacists is $130,600. Those who are only beginning their careers can earn less than this.

12. Cloud Architect

(NOC code: 2171)

Cloud architects are an extremely popular profession since they aid companies in establishing networking environments. Cloud architects need to comprehend the needs of a business to transform documents into functional designs to assist the business, employees, and clients. They’re required to navigate their attention to the capabilities of cloud computing and create and supervise numerous flaws within the cloud. The base amount for cloud architects is $120,000 per annum.

13. Psychologists

(NOC code: 4151)

There’s nothing more crucial than maintaining your mental health under control. Psychologists can help enhance a person’s stress management ability, decision-making capabilities, and behaviors. As a trained and licensed psychologist, you can make between $97,451 and $130.932 annually in Canada.

14. Administrative Assistants

(NOC code: 1241)

Administrative assistants are essential to firms as they are the ones who organize the bulk of aspects and help work in a calm and orderly manner. They manage the business and make sure everything is neat and organized. Administrative assistants specializing in accounting and bookkeeping are in high demand because they are confidential. The salary estimate for an administrative assistant is $45,927.

15. Merchandiser

(NOC code: 6222)

The retail business is rapid-paced. Products and services are developed and advertised each day, and for companies to earn a profit, it is essential to highlight the item in a manner that makes it attractive to the customer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a clothing product or a brand new appliance for the kitchen selling is a skill that few are skilled at. If the product is presented in a way that is not appealing to the consumer will walk over it, and the company could lose sales. The median salary for a merchandiser in Canada is $48,610 annually.

16. Welder

(NOC code: 7327)

Welders make a great salary in Canada. The best part about this occupation is that you don’t require a degree from a university or higher training, for that matter. You’ll, however, require knowledge and training in the welding industry like an apprenticeship or vocational education.

The average salary for welders working in Canada can be as high as $73,504. If you want to increase the numbers, you can learn about underwater welding, which can bump your pay to $102,424 a year.

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17. General Labourer

(NOC codes: 7611)

General laborers aren’t restricted to a single job and often perform many different tasks. They typically comprise physical or manual work and are located in warehouses, structures, or construction companies. Power chainsaws, drills, and blowtorches are frequently utilized too. The average amount of money for this job is $47,678 per calendar year in Canada.

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18. Veterinarians (Vets)

(NOC code: 3114)

Since a lot of Canadians are pet lovers and have numerous varieties of animals, including cats, dogs as well as birds, and hamsters, The number of veterinarians in Canada is in very limited availability, which means that this position is highly sought-after and will remain so for the next years. Being a vet requires you to meet the required qualifications like education from a vet school with the appropriate approval and a license to practice. The median salary for vets is $95,804.

19. Human Resources (HR) Managers

(NOC code: 0112)

When a company hires the first candidate for employment, The candidate is picked and selected by HR. This is an important job as they determine who is the right fit to bring the business to aid the company’s growth. They must possess a keen eye and a good sense of character to accept new members to their company, which is why this position is highly desired since not everyone is equipped with that skills. The salary of an HR manager is $89 003.

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20. Web Developer

(NOC code: 2175)

Web developers have the highest chances of getting a Canadian work permit since the Canadian government requires these individuals—the typical two-week timeframe for processing this Global Talent Stream. There’s an estimated 27 percent job opening for web designers in Canada, which will rise in 2023. The average amount of a web developer’s salary is $69,305.

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