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How Does Age Affect My Canada Immigration Application?

    How Does Age Affect My Canada Immigration Application. The Express Entry Canada immigration system is designed to award Comprehensive Ranking System points to candidates most likely to become economically successful and integrate swiftly.

    It also aims to slow the aging of our population, which is becoming more of an issue as baby boomers age from the workforce.


    In terms of economic immigration, Canada’s goal is to draw in fresh, highly-qualified, and well-educated candidates with the fundamental skills likely to be employed.

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    Under Express Entry, the selection tool used for the vast majority of Canada’s economic immigration programs, candidates receive a score based on their age and the age of their spouse or partner if they have one.

    A maximum of 110 points are available to an applicant’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. When Invitations to Apply are sent to those who scored within the 415-460 CRS points, the points awarded to age groups can benefit a successful application.


    Candidates must take note of the decrease in terms of points offered when they reach their 30s. In other words, if you are considering a Canada visa application, submitting your application early enough to maximize the points you can earn for your age is worthwhile.

    When a person is 29 years old, they can earn a maximum of 110 points in CRS for age; these points start to decrease sharply after their 30 birthday. When they turn 39, only 55 points are accessible.

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    Express Entry CRS Points Available Based on Age

    Age With spouse Single
    17 0 0
    18 90 99
    19 95 105
    20-29 100 110
    30 95 105
    31 90 99
    32 85 94
    33 80 88
    34 75 83
    35 70 77
    36 65 72
    37 60 66
    38 55 61
    39 50 55
    40 45 50
    41 35 39
    42 25 28
    43 17 17
    44 5 6
    45 or older 0 0

    The CRS Points Allocation System

    Candidates typically get a maximum of 1,200 points on the CRS. The criteria used to determine the allocation of topics are:

    • Awards from 460 to 500 points to recognize a basic set of human capital-related factors that influence economic outcomes, including:
      • Age
      • The level of education
      • Official language proficiency
      • Canadian work experience
    • 40 issues were awarded for spouse-related factors
    • 100 points are awarded for a set of abilities transferability and interaction factors that increase the value of the core set and
    • Award 600 points to candidates with the valid province or territorial nominating and or a qualified offer of employment arranged

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    Options for Applicants Who Score in the 300’s

    Candidates interested in Canada who are in their 30s and older have not yet reached the scores required to be eligible for the invitation for application (ITA) but still have alternatives to Canada.

    The ranking system is comprehensive and rewards those with prior periods of studying in Canada or with a previous work experience in Canada.

    Additionally, it awards applicants who have an accepted job offer. This could grant 50 as well as 200, based on the nature of the job.

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