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How Much Money Does it Cost to Immigrate to Canada


How Much Money Does it Cost to Immigrate to Canada

How to Immigrate to Canada. Regarding immigration expenses, Canada is still reasonably affordable compared to other popular destinations for immigration, like Australia, the UK, and the USA. The average family moving to Canada will be paying about CAD 11 thousand less than the cost of a family of four moving from Australia. That’s a substantial amount of money saved!

The process of emigrating to a foreign country is a complex and long-lasting process accompanied by a high cost, but the result is worth it: a whole new life filled with more prospects and a brighter future for your family and friends.

The amount you will need to pay to move to Canada is contingent on the number of family members you have and the type of immigration program you’re applying to. This also includes settlement money, visa processing fees, the collection of the required documents, and the transfer of your pet.

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How to Immigrate to Canada?

How Much Money Do You Need to Immigrate to Canada?

If you’re considering going abroad, you must begin to save and spend. If you don’t have an opening in Canada, You’ll require sufficient savings to last the initial three months while you adjust to your new home.

When you first arrive in Canada, you’ll have to pay for the essentials such as food, rent or transportation, and the like. (Once you get the taste of Poutine, you’ll have it as your new favorite snack.)

To make sure you do not run out of cash before receiving your first paycheck, To ensure that you’re not short of cash, the Canadian government demands that permanent residents have enough savings, as shown in the graphic above.

IRCC Settlement Funds for Canadian Immigrants

Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have created the Express Entry system, the most well-known way to enter Canada for foreign workers with a high level of education and their family members. It is a system where IRCC settlement funds vary each year. In 2021, a single person with no spouse or common-law spouse and dependent children must save at least $13,213 in savings to be eligible to be a permanent resident.

The couple that is planning to move to Canada must possess an amount of $16,449 of settlement money. You have to add $3,560in savings for each dependent family member regardless of whether they relocate to Canada together.


It is important to remember that the family members include all dependents who accompany and are not accompanying. This means even if the children or spouse do not move to Canada together, the savings you have to make will reflect their portion.

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Express Entry Processing Fees

There’s no cost for making the Express entry profile. Only when you get an ITA and submit a complete application will you have an $825 processing fee for visas. This fee includes your spouse or common-law partner. But, you’ll have to be prepared to shell out an extra $225 for each dependent child traveling with your travels to Canada.

Processing Fees and Settlement Funds for PNP Candidates

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) can be described as pathways to immigration created and administered by the participating 11 local and provincial governments. Candidates can apply to the PNP hoping to secure nominations that significantly increase their chances of gaining entry into Canada.

The respective provinces and territories set processing fees for provincial applications. They are paid to the federal fees for immigration that successful provincial applicants must pay to obtain permanent residence.

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(Source: CIC News)

First, you have to first meet the Settlement funds for the PNP to be eligible for a nomination. The settlement funds needed can differ between provinces and depend on the living costs in the area. But, as soon as you’ve been nominated, you need to be able to meet your IRCC (see below) settlement funds that are just a little different from PNPs.

Look over the settlement money in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Ontario following.

                                                           Saskatchewan PNP Settlement Funds
Number of Persons in Household Minimum Funds Required (CAD)
One Person $12, 669
Two People $15, 772
Three People $19, 390
Four People $23, 542
Five People $26, 701
Six People $30, 114
Seven People or More $33, 528
                                                                   Ontario PNP Settlement Funds
Number of Persons in Household Minimum Funds Required (CAD)
One Person $12, 164
Two People $15, 143
Three People $18, 617
Four People $22, 603
Five People $25, 636
Six People $28, 913
Seven People or More $32, 191

Right of Permanent Residence Visa Fee

Your right to be a permanent resident costs $500 per adult. The fee can be paid simultaneously with the application fee to help delay the processing process. If your application isn’t accepted and you cannot get a refund. If you have paid the application fee and it is approved, you have been officially recognized as legally a Canadian Permanent resident. Hooray!

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Temporary Visas and Immigration Documents Costs

If you’d like to learn more about the life of Canada’s Great North first before taking the plunge, then you’ll have to apply for a temporary visa, such as a visitor visa or work permit. The best part about having Canadian work experience or qualifications is that it dramatically improves your chances of success in your immigration. If you’re ready to move to this great country, you’ll have to gather a handful of documents required to complete your application, like tests for language proficiency and a medical exam.

                                                Temporary Visas and Immigration Documents Costs
Visa Type or Immigration Documents Costs in CAD
Study Permit $150
Permanent Resident Federal Fee $1, 325
Work Permit $155
Visitor Visa $100
Visitor Visa (Family) $500
Working Holiday Visa $153
IELTS (English) Language Test $319
TEF (French) Language Test $440
Medical Examination $100 – $500
Police Clearance $20 on average
Education Verification $160 for a course-by-course evaluation and $100 for a document-by-document evaluation.

Immigration Agency Costs

Applying through an immigration company like Canadadune makes the application much more accessible, speedier, quicker, and, most importantly, effective. If you pay an additional fee, you can rest and relax, knowing that your immigration application is skilled and dependable in the hands of our licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). We’ll provide you with personalized assistance and guidance through the whole process, and we will take care of all paperwork.

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Below is an overview of what you’ll have to pay for:

Step 1: Consultation on Eligibility with Consultants

In this stage, We will verify whether you’re eligible to enter Canada. This means that you must satisfy the minimum requirements for obtaining a visa to Canada, including good health, a clear criminal record, and a qualifying age.

Step 2: Immigration Program Evaluation By an RCIC

At this stage, you must fill out an online survey which will be analyzed by one of our experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). The RCIC will determine which of our more than 100 visa and immigration programs you are eligible to be admitted to Canada and which provinces are the most lucrative for you.

Step 3: Document Verification & Application Submission

You’ll receive the retainer agreement to sign if you go to the next step in your immigration process and submit it. Our immigration experts can manage your application on your behalf of you. This involves collecting your documents, coordinating on behalf of your Canadian government or employer on behalf of you to optimize your final application, and then sending it to the IRCC.

Step 4: Receive Your Application Results

The RCIC will notify you of how to proceed with your immigration application when it is made public!

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