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Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families


Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families

Most Cheapest place to live in Canada. Canada may have a reputation for not being the most inexpensive nation on a global scale. However, it’s not the most expensive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Canadian citizen in search of an area that is cheaper to reside in or a non-Canadian who’s contemplating moving to Canada; we’ve identified the ten most affordable locations to live in Canada.

Let’s take a look!

Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Canada

Canada offers a variety of stunning, affordable cities that are great and suitable for families and individuals. Let’s have a review of each!

1. Prince George, British Columbia

Prince George, British Columbia revitalizes its downtown revitalization program

  • A typical one-bedroom apartment per month costs: ~ $170
  • A standard family-sized apartment monthly rental:~ $1514

Despite having 74,000 people, Prince George’s is one of the most well-known cities in northern BC. The minimum monthly requirement per person is $1100. Rent is typically relatively low and makes Prince George an excellent option for anyone looking for some of the most affordable cities in British Columbia.

In manufacturing, forestry was believed to be the most critical industry for many years. But, Prince George’s economy is driven by today’s health, education, and service sectors. However, one of Prince George’s most prominent and famous landmarks is the primary cancer treatment center and its stunning natural beauty.

If you are a fan of being outdoors, you should venture out to Prince George’s open fields and lakeside areas to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful Canadian nature.

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2. Surrey, British Columbia

City of Surrey, British Columbia Office Photos | Glassdoor

  • A typical one-bedroom apartment monthly rental: ~ $1488
  • A standard family-sized apartment monthly rental: ~ $2840

The population is 519,467 people; Surrey is the second-highest urbanized city in British Columbia. It’s mostly an urban zone; however, it also houses some rural and agricultural areas. Rent prices may be slightly higher than in other cities on this list, but the average household spends around $1200 monthly in Surrey. Is that not bad at all?

Surrey isn’t only known for being one of the cheapest cities in Canada but also one of the cities growing the fastest. The most prevalent sectors in Surrey include food and accommodation services, financial, insurance, construction, real estate, education, and science and retail trade. This makes it relatively easy to get jobs.

It may not be the most affordable city on our list. Still, with lower costs for essentials and rent prices that are approximately 20% less expensive than those in the most populated cities in Canada, It’s worth a look. It’s also one of the warmest cities in Canada and is the most generous city we’ve included on our list.

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3. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Manitoba Issues 186 LAAs In First MPNP Immigration Draw of 2020 - Skilled Worker

  • One-bedroom average monthly rental: ~ $857
  • The average monthly family-sized apartment rental: ~ $1577

Winnipeg is the most significant and costliest city in the Manitoba province; however, it’s also an affordable city in Canada. The city is home to approximately 750,534 and boasts a reasonable cost of living for the capital city of Manitoba, which is about $1440 each month.

The city is characterized by extensive snow accumulation during the winter and can get quite cold, yet it can get quite hot in the summer months. It doesn’t matter if you love gorgeous white scenery or prefer a sun-filled day type of person. Winnipeg is a city that everyone will love.

Many Canadians consider Winnipeg one of the country’s most important industrial centers and among Manitoba’s most affordable cities. Its major industries include the manufacturing of buses, motor homes, semi-trailers, fire engines storage tanks for agricultural use, along with the oil industry and petroleum.

The most significant disadvantage is that Winnipeg is pretty high in the rankings regarding criminality rates. But, according to various sources, the rate has been steadily decreasing each year.

4. London, Ontario

Places to learn about the History of London, Ontario

  • A typical one-bedroom apartment each month costs: ~ $975
  • A typical family-sized apartment monthly cost: ~ $1380

London is a city that offers affordable housing, top-quality education, healthcare facilities, cultural activities, and beautiful parks to newcomers. London is also known as the “Forest City” because of the green spaces and trees which cover the city’s urban areas. London, Ontario, is also one of the most affordable places to reside in Ontario and thus deserves its spot on our list.

Over 550,000 people live within the metropolitan region, and the best part is that, despite being a large city, it is still possible to retain that small-town, intimate atmosphere. With an average monthly cost for necessities of around $1450, the city is considered a perfect replacement for significant cities like Toronto or Ottawa in Ontario.

The London industry is more focused on IT and research in healthcare, which is an important economic driver within the region.

5. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City, Canada - WorldAtlas

  • One-bedroom average apartment/house per month cost of rent $600 – $607
  • A typical family-sized house or apartment monthly rental: ~ $1067

Quebec City, the capital of the Quebec province, is the most cost-effective of the 15 biggest cities in Canada, with an estimated living cost of around $1500 per month.

The city’s population is 542,298; the top sectors of Quebec City’s manufacturing industry are paper production, food production, transportation equipment, chemicals, metals and pharmaceutical products, and refined petroleum and coal-based products.

In addition to being one of the cities with the lowest cost of living in Canada, the combination of old European architecture and occasional greenery makes for stunning landscapes. Furthermore, its social events calendar includes various exciting events throughout the winter and summer months and offers fun throughout the year.

The biggest drawback to Quebec City, as well as the Quebec province as a whole, is that it’s a predominantly Francophone region. This means living in the suburbs away from central areas is challenging if you don’t have proficiency in Quebec City’s French language.

6. Saint John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

The colourful city of St. Johns Newfoundland and Labrador Canada | Newfoundland and labrador, Newfoundland, Labrador city

  • One-bedroom average monthly rental: ~ $717
  • A typical family-sized apartment monthly cost: ~ $925

St. John’s is one of the cities that have the lowest rental rates in Canada. It is the capital of Saint John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador province, has an estimated population of 114,548, and an average cost per month of living of $1800.

St. John’s was a trading hub for Europeans involved in fishing. Although fishing is vital, the city is the leading service hub in the offshore industry for oil and natural gas. The low cost of housing and the above-average salary make the city an excellent option for those planning to move to Canada.

Additionally, buying an apartment in St. John’s is significantly less expensive than in other provinces. In addition, there is a slightly higher average income, and it’s no surprise St; John’s is one of the least expensive cities in Canada.

But, you might need to consider yourself a winter enthusiast to decide to make the city your own. The winters are brutal, and the summers are excellent, with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

7. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec | Canadá - Fox Press™

  • The average one-bedroom apartment cost: ~ $702
  • Family-sized average apartment rental: ~ $1112

Montreal is among the most populated, well-known, and most visited cities. It has an estimated population of 4,291,732. Despite its fame, It’s also the most affordable city in Canada. A monthly income of around $1,800 would suffice for a basic lifestyle and is a decent amount when compared with cities in other Canadian cities.

Many Canadians think of Montreal as a major cultural center in French Canada. Furthermore, the city is home to more restaurants per person than any other location anywhere in North America. It’s undoubtedly one of the top cities to reside in, Canada in terms of going out for a night with a wide range of clubs, bars, and eateries.

Manufacturing is the primary industry that is the mainstay of Montreal, and approximately one-fifth of the population of Montreal is employed in the manufacturing sector. Some other Montreal industries include electronic goods, aerospace pharmaceuticals, printed goods, and telecommunications. Software engineering is a significant component and tourism, tobacco, and transportation.

8. Hamilton, Ontario

Aerial Night Photo Downtown Hamilton Ontario Canada Stock Image - Image of night, city: 172844731

  • The average monthly one-bedroom apartment rental: ~ $1000
  • A typical family-sized apartment monthly cost: ~ $1850

If the cost of Toronto makes you hesitant, Hamilton is one of the most desirable areas to reside in, In Ontario. Hamilton has a large population, an expanding food tradition, affordable housing, and world-class healthcare. Hamilton’s primary business industries include high-tech manufacturing, agribusiness, and food processing. However, it’s the location of various other businesses, like insurance, finance, real estate, life science, IT, and tourism.

The city is nearly bonded to Toronto, and the distance is just 70 km by car. However, it can offer less expensive living and great rental prices 40% less expensive compared to Toronto.

Hamilton, home to Hamilton, is 580,200. The average person living in Hamilton will spend around $1850 a month, on an average. Although it may not appear expensive, it ranks among the cities in Canada that are more affordable, especially if you’re looking to take advantage of nearby attractions like the 6ix or Niagara Falls.

9. Edmonton, Alberta

Free download Edmonton Dusk Alberta [1024x768] for your Desktop, Mobile & Tablet | Explore 48+ Wallpaper in Edmonton | eBay Canada Wallpaper, Wallpaper Installers in Edmonton, Walls Alive Edmonton Wallpaper

  • The average monthly one-bedroom apartment cost: is ~ $881
  • A typical family-sized apartment’s monthly cost of rent: is ~ $1485

Although it is the capital city of Alberta province, Edmonton provides better rent rates than many towns in North America, making it one of the most accessible cities in Canada. The city has a population of 982,280, and the cost of living at approximately $1850.

One of Edmonton’s most significant benefits is its general population, making the city a perfect fit for young people. Although it may not be as exciting as Toronto as well Montreal, Edmonton is still a fantastic city, with nearly 1 million people living there.

With the average wage and a stable economy to be considered, Edmonton is worth considering in the search for a low-cost area to reside in Canada or, more specifically, Alberta. Don’t be concerned about finding work. The leading industries in Edmonton are all kinds of things, including agriculture, energy manufacturing, advanced technology tourism, financial services, and tourism.

It is essential to remember that Edmonton is the most northern city in Canada and is utterly frigid in winter.

10. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Top 10 things to do in Halifax | Nova Scotia travel inspiration

  • One-bedroom average each month cost: ~ $865
  • A typical family-sized apartment monthly rental: ~ $1455

Halifax is an essential economic hub in the eastern part of Canada; Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and houses around 431,479 people. The cost of living is about 1900 dollars per year. 

But Halifax represents an excellent alternative to the larger cities if you’re searching for the most affordable cities within Canada.

One of the advantages of Halifax is that the cost of fining is considerably less expensive than Toronto, for example, and so are transportation and childcare expenses. The situation isn’t identical to food, however. What about eating out, perhaps?

Also, it’s important to note that Halifax is the home of Dalhousie University, one of the most prestigious schools in Canada. When it comes to employment, the leading industries in Halifax are fishing, mining, agriculture, and forestry industry.

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