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Invitations to Apply for Permanent Residence Visa in Canada


Invitations to Apply for Permanent Residence Visa in Canada

Invitations to Apply for Permanent Residence. Applicants who are issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) are capable of applying for permanent residency in Canada. Candidates given an ITA will be notified by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), informing them of the qualified immigration programs they need to apply for and the best way to apply for permanent residency.

Understanding that obtaining an ITA does not automatically mean that a person will be considered a permanent resident is vital. Following the receipt of an ITA, the applicant has to complete a total request for the right to permanent residency. The application will be either accepted or denied based on whether the applicant can meet the criteria for permanent residence.

Notification: Applicants who receive an ITA could be required to verify that the information they filled in their Express Entry profile was accurate. If it is discovered that the applicant provided false details in their profile, the application may be denied, and the applicant could be punished further like:

  • Inadmissibility to Canada
  • The ban on admission to Canada or any other way for five years.

Candidates receiving the ITA are given 60 calendar days, within which they must apply for permanent residency. Within the 60 days, it is suggested that applicants complete the following steps:

1. Check Language Test Results

Candidates should ensure that the language test results will be valid when applicants submit their permanent residency application. The results of the test last for two years. The test result expires before the submission of the application applicants must either.

  • Test at least once more and again, or
  • You must submit your application by the time that results are due
  • Defer their invitation to apply

2. You should get a police certification

Permanent residents must obtain an official police certificate for themselves and all family members older than 18. Additionally, every family member needs to get an official police report from every country where they resided for more than six months when they are older than 18. It could take a long time for these certifications to get processed, so applicants should start obtaining documents as quickly as possible.

3. Make sure you are aware of the requirements for your program.

After applicants have decided on the skilled immigration program they’ll be seeking; they need to be sure that they comply with the requirements of the particular program:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program requirements
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program requirements
  • Canada Experience Class requirements

4. Update Personal Information

The applicants whose personal circumstances have changed since receiving an ITA must recalculate the Comprehensive Ranking System score using our online tool. If the applicant’s score is less than the minimum score for the draw in question, it’s suggested to deny the ITA.

If a person seeks permanent residence but finds that their score isn’t higher enough, their application will be denied, and the fee for the application is not refunded. Some of the factors that affect an applicant’s score include:

  • The loss of a job
  • The failure of the provincial nominating for permanent residency
  • Expired scores from the test for language
  • The results of the new language test are lower than the previous test results

Notice: Adding a spouse or common-law partner can boost or lower the score of an applicant depending on the spouse’s or partner’s

  • Language skills
  • Education
  • The chance of establishing yourself in Canada

The applicants with ITA who fail to apply for permanent residency within 60 days are removed from the pool of candidates. Candidates who are removed from the collection be required to create a new Express Entry profile and be accepted back into the pool to be eligible for an ITA. ITA.

5. Declining an Invitation to Apply

As mentioned above, applicants are better off in certain instances if they decline their ITA. If applicants fall, their ITAs will be placed into the pool of potential candidates for as long as they’re still eligible to apply for the Express Entry system. When they are in the collection, applicants must keep their details up to current.

Participants in the pool must also look for opportunities to boost the Comprehensive Ranking Points Score score by:

  • Receiving a job acceptance
  • The process of obtaining an application to be a permanent resident from the provincial government
  • Improve their scores on the language test

The decision to decline an ITA will not, by itself, adversely affect the applicant’s chances of obtaining the same ITA shortly.

Candidates who do not accept the invitation, either declining or accepting or declining the offer, will be excluded from the Express Entry pool.

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