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How to Dress for an Interview in Canada?

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How to Dress for an Interview in Canada?

How to Dress for a Job Interview as a Teenager in Canada. Suppose you’re a young person scheduled for an interview with a company and stressed about the process. How do you behave? What should you wear to an interview at the age of a teenager?

If you think the cost of a suit is high and you’re not sure what to wear, then you’ll love the outfits I’ve put together for you for teenage job interviews.

Please go check it out!

What To Wear To a Job Interview as a Teenager in Canada?

Opportunities for part-time or seasonal work are popular with teenagers in Canada. In addition to helping you build professional experience, it’s an effective option to earn some cash.

First impressions count, and these are professional teenage clothes for job interviews.

Business Casual Teenage Girl Attire

Let’s review some of the girls’ most popular interview dress codes.

Button-Down White Shirt

The outfit conveys an impression of being polished and professional. It’s modest and not too obvious, but it’s also relatively easy to dress.

Additionally, it’s easy to mix and match, which means many formal outfits for teenage girls can be fashioned with just a single shirt.


Although teenagers may not be mature enough in age to be wearing a formal blazer in the course of their regular dress code, they can wear one for an interview.

It makes you appear intelligent, capable, skilled and knowledgeable to be a valuable asset to your company.

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Suit Pants

It’s probably not the norm for a teenager to wear dress pants and a tie, but it’s an attractive look to employers. It demonstrates that you’re dressed to impress and now an adult, even though you’re a bit old.

However, this is contingent on the job. It could be a little too much to ask if you’re hoping to get an employment opportunity in the summer months at a bear bar.

Flat Shoes

They can be a little unsettling when worn by a 15-year-old girl. This is the reason why you should choose flat shoes.

It is essential to be wary of sports shoes. The best option is to look for neutrally coloured loafers.

Casual Job Interview Outfit For Boys

Let’s dress the boys.

Button-Down Shirt and Khakis

Do you remember the issue with the button-down shirt? It’s the same about boys, too.

A well-dressed shirt with khakis will leave an impression on your prospective employers. It displays stability, maturity, and the ability to work efficiently.

Polo T-Shirt With Dark Slacks

A polo shirt is the excellent casual yet professional teenager dress code. It is available in all stores in Canada and is highly well-known clothing for men.

Polo shirts look great with just about anything; however, when they are used for job interviews, it is best to wear them with dark or black slacks for a more professional appearance.

Sweater and Khakis

Sweaters are considered formal and casual attire, something that one would dress in for work. However, you can wear a shirt and mix it with khakis and look professional.

Additionally, sweaters are incredibly comfortable and warm, making it an ideal win-win scenario, isn’t it?

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    What To Avoid Wearing To a Job Interview as a Teenager?

What to wear to interview a young person in Canada typically depends on the job you’re applying for.

If you’re applying for temporary jobs such as a lifeguard or skiing instructor, your attire should be appropriate for the event; therefore, no formal attire.

If you’re applying for a job in the hospitality or retail industries, for instance, you’ll want to look more professional but not overly formal in the same way.

After that, this is our guide to the best outfits for job interviews for teens to stay clear.

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Clothing That is Too Big or Too Small

Although they might be suitable for a stroll at the beach, oversized clothing can make you appear unprofessional in job interviews.

However, wearing clothes that do not cover your entire body is an absolute no. Make sure you find clothes that are perfect to look professional and well-dressed.

Ripped Clothing

The shabby look of your clothes could make you appear sloppy and uncaring as people generally view teenagers by their eyes which is why you should try to avoid looking like that.

Don’t throw away your clothes that are ripped for the club, and purchase everyday clothing to wear for the job interview.

Athletic Attire

Teenagers who dress sporting athletic clothes in a job interview convey the message that they’re not yet ready to step into adulthood in the event of a job interview unless they’re applying to the position of instructor at a gym.

You can still wear casual attire to the interview, but stay clear of sports bras, leggings, windbreakers, gym shorts and windbreakers.

Open-toed Shoes and Sandals

Open-toed shoes are generally considered unattractive if you’re not looking for a summer gig at your local surf club.

If you’re a woman, search for loafers or neutral-coloured sneakers or if you’re a guy, choose white shoes or formal shoes.

Shorts and Skirts

Skirts are generally considered formal wear, but when I talk about dresses, I am referring to knee-length skirts, not mini skirts, which are a significant no for job interviews or formal attire.

For boys, stay away from shorts, and wear long pants if you wish to leave a positive impression.

Stained or Wrinkled Clothing

This one’s a little easy to explain, but the clothing should be neat and clean.

Even if you bought something from a thrift store, an impeccable and clean appearance is the most important thing. Therefore, ensure that your informal or professional interview outfits are washed and ironed a day before your interview.

Low-Cut Shirts

In addition to conveying mixed signals, wearing a V-neck shirt and a deep cleavage can cause a distraction for both you as well as the interviewer.

It is important to note that some companies do not support strict dress codes which prohibit wearing cut-off shirts, but it’s best to be on the safe side.

Hats and Caps

Caps and hats must keep the sun from your eyes and shield you from the scorching heat.

However, caps and hats might be part of your summer outfit for an interview. However, they do not fashion statement that speaks positively about your professionalism and maturity.


Do not wear hooded clothes or any clothing you wear with the hood on. The hood’s appearance suggests that you’re trying to keep your face hidden in a way that could cause you to appear uninterested in your work or the person you are interviewing.

In addition, this usual street style isn’t appropriate for an interview and appears far too casual for an interview dress code for business.

T-Shirts With Stickers Or Applications

Although graphic t-shirts remain a popular fashion, they are appropriate for casual occasions. Wearing a t-shirt accompanied by an application form for an interview could be perceived as non-professional.

Mismatched Bright Colours

While wearing bright colours attracts attention, you should avoid these colours during interviews for jobs. Even if you’re appropriately dressed in a professional manner, wearing loud and dissimilar colours could be distracting.

Typically, business casual clothing includes shades of white, navy blue, black or brown. Please have them in your attire to add a touch of colour and a great first impression.

Heavy Makeup

If you want to appear professional, keep the flashy makeup for the following evening. Simple makeup is the ideal option to wear for an interview because it highlights your best features to a certain extent, not to distract your interviewer.

A clean and fresh shaved appearance is sure to earn you extra points.

Too Much Perfume or Cologne

The scent of a good perfume will make a good impression on the person you are interviewing. However, intense aromas could produce the opposite effect.

The scents of jasmine, water lily or lemon tree create the perfect bouquet for the day and perfectly match your overall appearance. Men’s perfumes are, for the most part, delicately-scented colognes with minty aromas that work best.

Accessories Overload

Accessorizing is a crucial component of every outfit. However, when it comes to dressing for an interview, it is best to be minimal. A simple necklace or bracelet with smaller hoops or studs and thin rings is acceptable, provided that your jewellery is elegant and functional.

Unusual Grooming Choices

While many workplaces have accepted trends such as tattoos and vibrant hair colours, some employers still find these styles unprofessional.

    Additional Tips To Consider When Dressing For An Interview

Finally, I’ve prepared some additional tips for teenage job seekers looking for information on interviewing:

Research the Company’s Dress Code

Many companies are honest about their dress code rules and make them available on their website. Additionally, you can look at some photos of employees to see how the employees dress and pick your outfit according to the guidelines.

Wear Clothes You Feel Comfortable In

Comfortable clothes can improve your confidence when you go to interviews. It will also reduce any discomfort you experience due to the new shoe or an unfit shirt.

Dress According to the Role

Each job has its obligations associated with them; different attire is required. For example, the button-down shirt, pants and slacks work well for a career in the office, while a summer student job can be a more casual dress code.

Finishing Thoughts

Obtaining work is an excellent option if you want to make a few bucks or help your parents shoulder the responsibility of raising their children in Canada and beyond.

In addition to your skills, the appearance of your face can be an essential factor in landing that ideal job. Use these suggestions, and you’ll indeed move one more step towards getting a successful career beginning.



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