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Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada from the USA


Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada from the USA

In the last few months and years, many Americans have been reaching out to us with questions about immigration options to Canada in the USA. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the options available. Moving into Canada via the USA isn’t as simple as you believe, yet hundreds of American citizens migrate to Canada yearly. In addition, many non-citizen US residents move north.

This article will walk you through well-known options for relocating from the United States to Canada. Are you looking to learn from an audio or video? Watch our webinar with the regulated Canadian immigration specialist, Jenny Perez:

The immigration into Canada via the USA as a permanent resident

Canada offers a variety of permanent residence programs available to those who want to migrate to Canada via the USA. Securing candidates for various well-known programs for economics (i.e., not family reunification programs, as well as refugee programs) is known as “Express Entry.”

The applicants will have to be eligible under one of the programs of economic immigration to the United States:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program;

  • The Canadian Experience Class; or
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program.

The provinces of Canada are also able to decide the decision of who can relocate to Canada. Some provincial nominee Programs (PNPs) are simplified by Express Entry. However, some PNP streams are completely outside of the Express Entry process.

Every program comes with its unique requirements. The Express Entry system can help to determine which ones are eligible.

To begin, those seeking to enter Canada from the USA may fill out their Express Entry profile to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the government department responsible for processing applications. The candidate will be screened to determine if they are eligible to participate in at least one of these programs.

They’ll need to supply specific information about their previous foreign work experience, Canadian work history (if there is any) as well as their education level, and proficiency that is either English as well as French (an assessment is mandatory regardless of whether you attended Harvard! ) along with other elements. After that, they’ll be awarded a score of 1,200 points. This is what’s known as the Comprehensive Ranking System.

You could earn as much as 600 points in minutes when the Canadian province has accepted to nominate you as part of the provincial nominee Program. Every month, IRCC will select the most highly-rated hopefuls and ask them to submit their application. Also, anyone who has a score that is higher than the cut-off threshold will be given an invitation to apply.

The cut-off is dependent on the draw. You can check out the latest cut-off on our express Entry Draw page. For more information, check out the Express Entry Canada guide on Moving2Canada. For other programs, please visit the Permanent Residency section.

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Immigration to Canada from the USA by using USMCA (formerly: NAFTA)

According to the terms of the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) that has replaced the earlier NAFTA agreement, the provisions regarding mobility and immigration remain similar to those in the past. There are three ways to get an employment permit under the agreement. The three categories include:

1. USMCA / NAFTA Professional

Candidates in this category need to satisfy the following criteria.

  • One of the professions targeted (included architects, accountants, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and medical and scientific personnel). Could you find out more about it here?
  • You must have been pre-arranged for employment in one of these fields.
  • Self-employed work isn’t eligible.

2. USMCA / NAFTA Intra-Company Transfers

Employees of an American company may transfer to the Canadian department of the company. These requirements are applicable:

  • Have been employed continuously at the company for at least three years.
  • It is necessary to work for the business when applying.
  • You must be in a specialist or managerial position.

3. USMCA / NAFTA Traders and Investors

It is suitable for people who are investing in a Canadian company and looking to immigrate from Canada through either the USA or Mexico to expand the company. As part of the Canadian Express Entry immigration system, USMCA employees in Canada can gain additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for an acceptable job offer.

Immigration to Canada from the USA as a recent college graduate

If you’ve been enrolled in a full-time post-secondary academic program within the past year, you might be eligible for an unrestricted work permit in Canada. The permits, issued through the SWAP Working Holidays program, run up to 12 months. They are open to those between the ages of 18-35.

What should I do if I were in Canada? The status of Canada?

Visit our website! Since 2011, we’ve specialized in providing up-to-date news and updates on our website to newcomers. Our resources and articles can aid you in planning your journey into Canada via the USA. Additionally, the outpost recruitment agency has found jobs for engineering and construction professionals, putting them in firms all over Canada that value the foreign experience of working.

What are other tips available to those seeking to immigrate to Canada via America, The USA?

Americans looking for information on acquiring immigration into Canada via the USA have been studying the articles we have posted on our site.

  • Top 10 questions about the process of moving into Canada in the USA
  • Cities of destination for Americans who are moving to Canada
  • US tax factors to consider for Americans who are moving to Canada

Are you still unsure about obtaining an immigration visa into Canada via the USA? Our free Getting Started Guide download can help. For updates, make sure to be a part of Moving2Canada on Facebook, where you’ll get the most recent immigration news. We update our guide to immigration in Canada information. We invite you to the Book and Immigration Specialist webpage for more information and advice. Editor’s note, November 3, 2019. We have noticed that a large number of readers who are from the United States are reading this article at the moment. One of the most effective methods to research your options to move from the US to Canada out of your home in the US is to sign up for an account with Moving2Canada. Moving2Canada account and creating a profile.


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