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7 Advantages of Studying Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

Bachelors degree in Canada


7 Advantages of Studying Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

One of the most educated countries in the world, Canada, the land of maple and ice hockey, is attracting more and more international Bachelor’s students.

Its top-ranked universities, quality Bachelor’s programmes, affordable tuition, and living costs, will make you want to say ‘This is the country I want to study in.

1. Great Canadian universities

Canada prides itself on top universities and research institutions, recognized all around the world. This is because the educational system here is based on cross-disciplinary studies, combined with teaching transferable skills and great facilities.

The Canadian universities in the top 100 according to the Times Higher Education Rankings  are:

You can also check out Canadian universities that offer online Bachelor’s:

  • Yorkville University
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology

2. Accessible Canadian student visa process

One of the main reasons why Canada is a growing international student destination is because the country has a transparent, accessible visa application process for international students.

To apply for a Bachelor’s degree at a Canadian university you generally go to the programme’s application page to upload several required documents which include:

  • Your high school Graduation certificate
  • The completed application form
  • Your CV
  • Your Letter of Intent
  • Proof of English language proficiency or French (in francophone territories)
  • Evidence that you can support yourself financially during your studies

The application deadline is 15th January. Only after you have been accepted at a Canadian university you can start applying for a Canadian student visa.

3. Canada has a great social system and a hip Prime Minister

Canada is becoming a very progressive and inclusive country, and this is largely influenced by its young, handsome, and brainy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He is pro-choice, pro-legalising marijuana, and an activist for gay rights.

A few more years of Mr Trudeau and Canada is likely to make the Netherlands jealous. Did we mention he is also a feminist? With such leadership, there’s no wonder Canada is drawing in so many young students.

4. Canada has affordable tuition fees and living costs

Tuition fees start at around 400 CAD/year for programmes in Social Sciences, Art, or Education. Quite a few programme range between 1,000 and 4,000 CAD/year, but the vast majority of them cost over 10,000 CAD/ year.

As far as the living costs are concerned—housing, entertainment, and food— you need to budget between 1,000 and 2,000 CAD/month. The priciest cities are Vancouver and Calgary. Some of the cheapest university cities are:

  • Hamilton
  • Quebec City
  • Ottawa

The best thing about Canada is the fact that the average cost of studies and living expenses for international students is lower than in other top student destinations — the UK, the U.S., and Australia.

5. Canada has excellent Bachelor’s degrees

This bilingual country has such a wide variety of good study options, that the problem is not finding the one you are looking for, but choosing from so many eye-catching ones.

Enrolling in a Bachelor’s programme in Canada means signing for an academic adventure where curiosity, innovation, and research are highly appreciated.

Some of the most sought-after Bachelor’s fields in Canada are:

  • Bachelors of Business Administration
  • Bachelors of Engineering
  • Bachelors in Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelors in Film, Photography & Media

6. You can work and study in Canada

International students can work 20 hours/week during school semesters and up to 30 hours/week during school breaks. What’s more, if you work in the campus area, you will not need a work permit. Such a permit is required for full-time employment outside campuses.

Some of the best part-time student jobs in Canada are:

  • bookkeeper
  • customer service assistant
  • office assistant

During summer breaks you will have the opportunity to find temp jobs at:

  • festivals
  • camps
  • concerts
  • holiday venues

And did we mention that Canada has a lot of high-paying jobs? They are mostly available for those seeking full-time employment. So, if you’re thinking of staying in Canada after your studies then you should consider doing studies in subjects that guarantee the best paychecks, like:

  • Bachelors in Informatics
  • Bachelors in Agriculture
  • Bachelors in Nursing

7. Canada has a perfect blend of nature, technology, and culture

Beyond the obvious reasons why you should study in Canada, there are some extra perks for choosing to do a Bachelor’s degree there. It is a unique mix of high-tech, breath-taking natural landscape, and multiculturalism.

Canada is one of the highest-ranked countries in the quality of life. It has parks and gardens, even in big cities, and you can find a cultural event to attend anytime—at theatres, art centres and museums. Canada also ranks as one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world, so this should definitively be a huge plus in your searches.

Compare Bachelors in Canada

But don’t think of a rural-ish lifestyle: Canada is riding the tech wave, too. Some of the strongest industries in the country are telecommunications, biotech and aeronautical engineering, digital media and video gaming.

To give you an example of just how tech Canada is—it was the first country to connect schools and libraries to the internet. Join these visionaries and start a Bachelor’s degree in Canada. We are sure it will get you far in life!

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