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The latest News on Terry Fox Foundation

Terry Fox Foundation


The latest News on Terry Fox Foundation

In this article below: Here are the latest news on the Terry Fox Foundation. Cancer affects us all. Everyone knows those who suffer from being through it, beat it or pass away. We are all familiar with Terry Fox, the legendary Canadian athlete, humanitarian, and cancer activist who showed us the value of humility. To raise funds and awareness to fight cancer, Fox embarked on an east-to-west coast hike, dubbed “the Marathon of Hope, in 1980. It began at St. Johns, Newfoundland. His right leg was removed due to osteogenic Sarcoma, often referred to as bone cancer.

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Fox’s adventure inspired the nation. After an incredible 5,373 miles, his marathon ended on the outskirts of Thunder Bay, Ontario, only 143 days after his start.

Fox’s mission cut his life, but his battle is not over since the beginning of the annual Terry Fox Run, which began a few months after Fox’s death in 1981. Fox proved to the world that it is possible to achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

Since its inception since then, since its inception, the Terry Fox Run has been an annual fixture in communities and cities of any size across the country every September. The annual event didn’t miss an inch for the past 38 years until the current epidemic, and 2019 was the final year for numerous live events. It was the Invermere Terry Fox Race hosted by Terri Lightfoot, which was certainly none of them.

“Covid was a major influence on the course. For the last two years it was the Terry Fox Run was a virtual event, which we dubbed One Day, Your Way. The number of participants was down in 2020,” said Donna Scheffer, who has served as the co-coordinator of the past six events in Invermere. “It is my goal to see as no live runs have been held in the past two years, the number of participants is expected to increase. It is vital to hold another live event next year. It’s not just for the sake of community spirit as well as to ensure Terry’s dream is kept alive of ending cancer.”

The 2019 Invermere race had more than 116 participants who registered as well as 12 volunteers. This year, the Invermere Terry Fox Race returns with the theme of “I’m not a quitter, I’m not a quitter!’. The race is open to anyone in The Columbia Valley, as the nearest locations for this event are Cranbrook and Golden. The upcoming Invermere Terry Fox Race will be held on the morning of September. 18. J.A. Laird Elementary School is situated within the unceded territories belonging to the Secwepemc and Ktunaxa peoples and the land designated as a residence by the Metis people from British Columbia (B.C.). The students who decide to participate are not restricted to running but may cycle, walk, or even rollerblade if they want to.

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“The course can be however long you’d like it to be. We’ll have the distance marker laid out beginning at J. A. Laird. They will travel through 13th Ave, which becomes Westside Road to Castlerock community road and beyond, explained Scheffer. “Participants can choose their distance of one, three, five or even 10 kilometres (km), whatever they are comfortable doing.”

Formerly connected to The Canadian Cancer Society, the Terry Fox Run had operated under the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. It was founded in 1988. Eleven years later, in 1999, Scheffer began registering for the race for the first time as a participant. She knew she wanted to get involved more but decided to move into Invermere From Trail, B.C., in 2005.

“I did not know that there was a race through Invermere till three years after the fact because it’s so quiet. I realized that I needed to be more involved beyond just collecting pledges and signing up for the race,” said Scheffer. “It became my aim to educate the public on the Terry Fox Run, since there are many individuals who think that it is true that the Terry Fox Run is still connected to the Canadian Cancer Society. My passion is raising awareness by putting up posters, banners, lawn signs, and even events like an annual Terry Fox Charity BBQ each summer. It’s always my aim to boost participation. I am very happy when new participants join and invite their family as well as friends!”

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In 2022, the Invermere Terry Fox Run will be an open event that does not charge a registration fee. The Terry Fox Foundation is a worthy cause. Terry Fox Foundation are encouraged but is not necessary. In 2019, the most recent live event held in Invermere brought in $10,336.00, which includes the amount schools have raised through their school-related events during school hours during September.

Sgt. Darren Kakuno, detachment commander of Columbia Valley RCMP, was a participant and ran along with their family members of his in the year 2019. He’s laid an open invitation to all first responders this year. If you are willing to take on the challenge or would like to join in and make a difference, register on the internet at

“My hope for the morning of September 18, is to see more participants than in previous years,” Scheffer said. “I hope that those in attendance will take away the inspiration that has been left through the memory of Terry Fox and the realization that one person can make a difference, they just need to try and not be a quitter.”

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