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Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada for International Student

Phd scholarships in Canada


Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada for International Student

Canada is among the most visited destinations for Nigerians pursuing a particular international course. It is possible to study at any level of study in Canada regardless of whether you are postgraduate or undergraduate. As an international student, you can get any of the PhD scholarships in Canada.

Numerous Ph.D. students are studying in Canada at their numerous universities. Most of them hail from other countries. Nigerians are a significant portion of these international students pursuing a Ph.D. within Canada.

The funding process is an essential aspect of Ph.D. research. Ph.D. students receive the funds they need for the first four years of their studies at Canadian universities. The student must finance their study and research for the remainder of the period.

As it happens, Canadian universities are among the most open and diverse around the globe. They welcome all and strive to create an equal playing field for all students, regardless of their country.

The school administration and the Canadian government have always been supportive, leading to numerous students finding their way to Canada for undergraduate and graduate studies.

It is also essential to be aware that Canadian universities are world-class institutions; many of them are ranked among the top on a global scale. This means that the degree programs offered by these institutions are internationally recognized.

In most cases, Ph.D. programs typically last approximately four years in Canada. However, it can be longer, based on several factors such as funding, kind of course, and various other aspects.

This is why the Canadian government provides grants for the first four years. Following that, students will need to develop other ways to fund their Ph.D. programs.

The truth is that many of them aren’t completing their Ph.D. program within the first four years. This means that most students have to fund their programs. In most cases, Ph.D. students require five years to finish their degree.


The costs for a Ph.D. in Canada aren’t as high. Canadian indigenes pay less than international students. If you don’t have Canadian citizenship, you must anticipate being charged extra for your Ph.D. degree.

As an international student, you’ll have to pay more than twice the amount that Canadian residents pay.

Although a Canadian citizen could pay $2,836, an overseas student could be required to pay $5,807. The cost is paid through Canada’s Canadian federal government until four years have been used up on behalf of the pupil.

If you’re not finished your Ph.D. program within four years of study, you might be deported if you cannot demonstrate to immigration authorities that you’ve got what is required to continue your studies. Therefore, you could be forced to quit Canada before completing your program, and the four years you had spent before that would be a complete waste.

The likelihood of completing the course at a different Canadian institution is small.

To avoid hilarious scenarios like those mentioned above, the student must plan alternative funding sources before leaving Nigeria to ensure a solid financial foundation. They need to stay for more than four years in Canada to complete/her Ph.D. program.

Canada is a lovely location, and there could be numerous Nigerians on the streets of Canada. However, there are a few different cultures you’ll need to contend with as a Nigerian.

Try as much as possible to finish your studies within four years if you’re not confident of any other funding source after the four years has expired or if you are looking for a scholarship.

How to apply to a Ph.D. program

Admission into Ph.D. programs in Canada is based on merit. As an international student, you need to perform better academically than your peers, Canadian citizens. It is sometimes called discrimination, but it’s a method to improve your academic performance.

Scholarships in Canada

Each school has distinct scholarship programs for its students. International students can benefit from this program without difficulty. It may be necessary to contact the specific school about their scholarship programs for students from abroad.

Before receiving a scholarship from Canada to fund your Ph.D. program, certain documents are required. Some of these documents include:

  • Your transcript from the school in which you earned your Master’s degree.
  • You’re required to earn an exact grade, which is contingent on the institution where you went to school.
  • You must provide two recommendations to your professor or teacher.
  • You will be required to submit an essay on your explaining why you think you are worthy of the scholarship.

There are not all scholarships that are offered for Ph.D. programs require the documents listed above. Other programs do not require anything more than a transcript.

There are deadlines for these scholarships, similar to other scholarships. You must find out about the deadline and sign up before the deadline. Specific scholarships cover all fields of study; however, some specific scholarships for Ph.D. students provide specific subjects.

You should be aware of this before submitting your scholarship application. The amount of a scholarship could differ from other scholarship programs offer. There are scholarships offered by the government and scholarships provided by private entities.

Specific scholarships are available to students with Canadian citizenship, while other types of scholarships are given to different categories of students. It’s best to determine your eligibility for a particular scholarship before applying.

How do I apply

Go to the homepage of your school’s website to learn about the scholarships they provide. After that, sign up for the scholarship by submitting all the required documents you are eligible for. The required documents must be mentioned clearly on the website to apply for the scholarship.

If the school of preference doesn’t offer the scholarship you seek, visit the homepage and make sure you register for the scholarship. Procedures for registration are provided on the website of scholarship.

As we mentioned, please submit your application for every scholarship before its deadline. You can submit as many Ph.D. scholarship opportunities as you can simultaneously.



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