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Best Places to Visit in Canada for First-Time Visitors


Best Places to Visit in Canada for First-Time Visitors

If you’re thinking of making the trip for the first visit, then the top places to go to in Canada are likely to be the most well-known ones. A few of Canada’s best destinations are known for a great reason. That’s why I suggest the most notable Canadian destinations listed below as an excellent introduction to this diverse and diverse nation.

The diversity of Canada’s landscape, culture, and past is an enjoyable experience. In terms of natural wonders, only a few countries compare to Canada.

In Canada, every province has a distinctive attraction. Regarding breathtaking natural wonders like the rugged Rocky Mountains or fascinating multicultural scenes like Toronto, Canada has it all and has numerous possibilities.

To make the task of searching less daunting, I’ve put together an overview of the most desirable destinations to visit in Canada when you’re first visiting. Even if it’s not your first time, don’t fret. These are all must-see for anyone wanting to discover the best that Canada offers.

Don’t forget to set up your camera so that you can take the unforgettable memories you made with you.

Do you require an entry visa for Canada?

Visa-exempt travelers require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) from foreign countries traveling to Canada. The eTA can be tied to a passport electronically. It can be used for up to five years or until the passport expires.

Canada doesn’t require visas for citizens of 50 countries with visa exemptions, including Australia, France, Germany, the UK, Japan, and numerous others. Therefore, Australians are required to have electronic travel authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada.

In the year 2015 in 2015, the eTA program was introduced 2015 by Canadian authorities to screen foreign visitors entering the country and determine their eligibility to enter the country.

Because of the system, the authorities can take applications from foreigners faster, which means fewer lines at customs and immigration.

Best Places to Visit in Canada for First-Timers

Here are a few of the most well-known places to see in Canada I recommend visiting if you are making your first trip to Canada.

The Rockies – Best for Mountain Views and Wildlife Spotting

Best Scenic Views in the Canadian Rockies to Visit - Thrillist

The jaw-dropping beauty of snow-capped, saw-toothed mountains which divide British Columbia from Alberta spurs both excitement and awe. In all, five National parks – Banff, Yoho, Waterton Lakes, Kootenay, and Jasper provide a wealth of opportunities to discover the vast wilderness, which includes many miles of trails for hiking as well as roaring rivers and snow-covered slopes for skiing.

You may need time to appreciate the Rockies fully; therefore, for your first trip to Canada, I recommend hiking or backpacking for a few days or more. Or you are picking the right National Park and place to stay and do it correctly. Here are a few of the most beautiful hikes you can do in the Rockies.

Another method of taking pleasure in the region’s beauty is via train, which takes travelers through sparkling lakes, riots of wildflowers, and sparkling glaciers. At the same time, they travel through mountains and valleys of rivers as they travel to the east and west.

Vancouver – Best for Culture

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For excellent reasons, Vancouver is consistently ranked high on lists of top cities in the world. The town of cocktails surrounds itself with a sky-to-sea breathtaking natural beauty.

There are ski mountains in the suburbs and beaches everywhere, and Stanley Park’s lush forest is just a few blocks away from the city’s glass-clad skyscrapers. Furthermore, it is a unique mix of Hollywood glamour and the freewheeling counterculture (with the infamous nude beach) in addition to an active and diverse community.

Vancouver is among the most desirable places to go in Canada to visit for the first time as it has a wide range of lenses in Canada within a small space. Vancouver has everything from beaches to mountains to the harbor, the forest, and the bustling downtown.

Toronto – Best Multicultural Experience

Canada Soccer on Twitter: "Why Toronto in 2026? #ICYDK Toronto is the #1  diverse city in the Bid & one of the most livable and multicultural cities  in the world! With >

This Ontario city defies definitions of “big.” Visitors to Toronto have transported all over the globe thanks to the city’s diverse cultural and historical pockets, like Greektown, Little India, and Koreatown.

There is an aerial perspective across the city’s skyline from the 1,815-foot tall CN Tower, or go to the Hockey Hall of Fame for an experience of the most popular sport in Canada or borderline religion ;). It’s impossible to skip a hockey game if you’re in the right season.

Then, stop by St. Lawrence Market to delight in delicious treats before taking a trip to the Toronto Islands, if the weather allows. Toronto can be difficult to navigate the first time, but if you stay with the main tourist attractions and walk along the waterfront, you will not be disappointed.

Whistler -The Best Place to Ski in Canada

Whistler Blackcomb ski resort Canada: Why Australians are obsessed |

One of the world’s biggest and most well-known ski resorts, The alpine village is named for the marmots in the area. They whistle like balloons that have been deflated.

Whistler village, which dates from the late 1970s, lies 90 minutes north of Vancouver. It’s known as a place of perfection. Whistler’s most famous attraction is skiing. However, the summer crowds to the town on BMXs and SUPs are more numerous than the winter visitors.

Recently Whistler has been awash with an art scene fitting for an enclave of a European town. With 2.3 million visitors annually, Whistler is a popular tourist destination. It is also well-known for being the home of many Australian ex-pats. If you are looking for a more peaceful and more affordable holiday, make sure you pick your dates with care to avoid the crowds of Whistler.

Montreal Jazz Festival – Best Music Festival

The Montreal Jazz Festival Just Dropped Its 2022 Lineup & Holy Crap The  Roots Are Coming - MTL Blog

You’ll never find a venue like this, where you can listen to the top jazz musicians perform in over 500 performances, many of which are free, along with nearly two million peace-loving and respectful music enthusiasts.

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, and it is the French Canadian capital. The center of culture is a city you can enjoy for various reasons. With more than 3,000 musicians playing in over 650 shows, Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is the biggest music festival on the planet, as per the Guinness Book of Records (450 free performances).

The city’s downtown will be closed for traffic throughout this festival. You can enjoy a night of relaxation under the stars in one of the more spacious outdoor locations or relax in dark bars and listen to jazz piano sounds. There are plenty of other festivals both in Montreal and Canada that you can enjoy, like Igloofest, which is located in Montreal, and Shambhala, in BC. Find out more about the most popular festivals across North America.

Niagara Falls – Best Photography Location

Niagara Falls, Canada: Planning Your Trip

Any season is a great time to visit Niagara Falls. It’s possible to capture stunning photos in summer. However, winter can be truly breathtaking. When it’s clear, the ice-covered railings, the limbs of trees, and the massive cloud of mist that rises from the waterfalls make for spectacular photography.

Many beautiful attractions within Niagara Falls provide excellent views of the falls and photos. The falls are certainly one of the most beautiful destinations in Canada when you’re visiting for the first time since they’re a global wonder that is mentioned in various ways. It’s awe-inspiring to experience these falls in person.

Churchill – Unique Experience of Meeting Polar Bears

1,345 Churchill Manitoba Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

Being able to see a polar bear for the first time is a jaw-dropping moment. Its two-day exhausting journeys on the train you have to take on the shores of Hudson Bay will be quickly forgotten once you witness the incredible Canadian landscape.

The sole outpost in the region, Churchill also happens to be located directly on the path of bears of migration. In late September and into November, tundra vehicles head out to search for the predators with razor-sharp teeth, permitting you to be within the distance of a few inches. In summer, you can paddle or stand-up paddleboard along with beluga whales.

It is undoubtedly one of the most remote and unusual places to visit in Canada on your first visit; however, if you’re a fan of unique adventures and experiences, this could be among the most memorable experiences of your life!

Quebec City – The Best Food Scene

Wonderful Wintertime in Quebec, Canada | Travel Blog

Quebec City, voted one of the top 20 cities for food according to Conde Nast Traveler, knows how to cook French-Canadian food, unlike any other city. With many culinary stars on the rise and rising culinary stars, the city is an ideal location for a wide range of “grandma’s kitchen” dishes to be recreated with a contemporary approach. Yum!

For the most from both, go for Chez Biceps BBQ, located on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa, for slow-smoked meat dishes. Also, visit iX Pour Bistro on the 18th Rue for a diverse Neo-bistro menu and Rue du Sault au Matelot to enjoy a more experimental, global-inspired menu; and then to The Billig for some of the city’s most delicate sweet and delicious crepes.

Quebec City also has an exciting culture and lots of history. During your first visit to Canada, it’s a fantastic city to take in the French aspect of Canadian culture. It’s also a great place to see charming streets, historical structures, and stunning views between meals.

Well, that’s it for the best places to visit in Canada for your first time! It might be lengthy, but choose wisely, and you’re sure to have an incredible trip to Canada. One thing I can be sure of is that it won’t be your last time there!

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