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Obtain a Scholarship for a Master’s Degree in Data Science at McMaster University as an International Student


Obtain a Scholarship for a Master’s Degree in Data Science at McMaster University as an International Student

McMaster University, Ontario, is a top-ranked university situated in the beautiful country of Canada. This university offers international students very generous scholarships for a Master’s degree in Data Science.  They have also ensured that top international students interested in this program have smooth sailing in the process of applying for the program.


Firstly, McMaster University grants complete application fee waivers for all of its graduate programs. This totally dismantles the first financial barrier an interested international applicant may encounter while pursuing the program.


Aside from the application fee waivers, the university also awards very generous and competitive scholarships to their exceptional international students admitted into programs like Data Science. These scholarships cover full tuition, and student fees, and also provide a yearly living stipend of $18,000 CAD. The recipients of these awards are expected to focus fully on their studies and are not required to perform any teaching or research duties in return.


The scholarship awards are strictly merit-based. Academic transcripts, statements of interest, awards, reference letters, research experience, and publications are thoroughly reviewed. In addition, every student admitted to the program must have at least a 3.7 CGPA in their semifinal and final years of undergraduate study.


The scholarship awards do not require any separate application as admitted candidates are automatically reviewed and successful scholarship recipients are notified along with their offer of admission.


There are additional scholarships which include: the Faculty of Science Awards ($5,000 -$10,000 CAD) and Mitacs Globalink Research Awards ($17,000 CAD). A number of past students of the Data Science (M.Sc.) program have received over $40,000 CAD worth of scholarships (internal and external).


These scholarships provided by McMaster University enable top international graduate students to access world-class education in Data Science without the restraints of financial barriers.


For more inquiries on the above information, kindly visit the official website of McMaster University.



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