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Four (4) Top Institutions in the United States that Offer FAFSA Scholarships to International Students with Application Fee Waivers


Four (4) Top Institutions in the United States that Offer FAFSA Scholarships to International Students with Application Fee Waivers

FAFSA grants need-based scholarships primarily to help American students so as to assist them obtain university degrees. However, in addition to American students, a select few international undergraduate students are awarded this scholarship every year by some top-tier universities in the United States. There are also a few schools that award this FAFSA scholarship without demanding for application fee from eligible international applicants. Let’s take a look at some of these schools.


1.) The University of Southern California


This university grants to a few international first-year students the need-based FAFSA scholarship through what is known as the Scholarship Program for International Undergraduates (SPIU). Recipients of this award can obtain as much as full tuition grants and international students can also be granted application fee waivers provided they meet the qualifications.


2.) Yale University


This Ivy League school offers need-based scholarships (FAFSA included) to at least 15% of their international first year students every year. Eligible International students are granted application fee waivers through the College Board or ACT.


3.) Harvard University


Harvard University is known for awarding need-based scholarships to international students. As a matter of fact, over $30 million worth of need-based scholarships are awarded to international undergraduates every year through a number of platforms (FAFSA included). Just like Yale University, Harvard University grants application fee waivers through the College Board.


4.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


MIT provides 100% tuition coverage for need-based scholarships for international undergraduates via a number of platforms. A limited number of international students are granted the FAFSA need-based scholarship awards each year. Application fee waivers are also granted to eligible applicants through the College Board or ACT.


FAFSA is committed to granting international students access to American education and the application fee waivers are doing a good job towards furthering this commitment. International students who meet the criteria for both scholarship and application fee waivers are advised to embrace this opportunity.


For more information on how to apply for this scholarship, kindly visit the official websites of the above stated universities.



All the best!

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