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Top Universities that Offer Psychology Scholarships to International Students without IELTS Requirement.


Top Universities that Offer Psychology Scholarships to International Students without IELTS Requirement.

The requirements for the submission of standardized English language test scores are considered a huge barrier for many international students who desire to study psychology abroad. But, there is good news for international students, as there are a number of institutions in English-speaking countries that offer scholarships for programs like Psychology and also grant waivers for language test requirements. This makes admission to these schools more accessible to foreign students from non-English-speaking countries. Here is a list of some universities in Canada and the United States that offer Psychology scholarships to international students without IELTS requirements.




i.) University of Alberta, Canada


The University of Alberta is known for its prestigious international International Undergraduate Scholarship programs. These awards are merit-based and grant as much as $20,000 CAD per annum to each recipient without the need to submit IELTS test scores.


ii.) McGill University


McGill University is another Canadian university that offers competitive scholarship awards to international students for various academic fields (Psychology included) without mandating the submission of IELTS test scores.


iii.) University of British Columbia


The University of British Columbia is yet another renowned Canadian university that awards generous scholarship opportunities to international students. These scholarships are both merit-based and need-based and proof of English language proficiency is not mandatory.


The United States (US)


i.) University of Minnesota


This public American university directly admits international students into their undergraduate programs without demanding IELTS/TOEFL scores. In addition, they provide fully funded scholarships to top international students for the entire four-year period.


ii.) University of Washington


The University of Washington is a renowned public research institution that does not mandate the submission of IELTS test scores by international students before they can be granted admission/scholarships. The school also offers, to excellent international students, full tuition Psychology scholarships for the four-year duration of the program.


iii.) University of Delaware


The University of Delaware grants to exceptional international students merit-based fully funded scholarships for a Psychology degree without IELTS requirement.


iv.) University of Connecticut


This university provides scholarship opportunities for international students through its Global Scholarships program. The scholarships are merit-based and admission into the school is granted without IELTS/TOEFL requirement.


The decision of these schools to waive standardized English language tests for international students makes it easier for talented students, all over the globe, to gain access to world-class Psychology education without the imposition of language barriers.


For more inquiries on how to apply for admission and scholarships in these schools, visit the official websites of the schools.



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