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Eight (8) Universities that Grant Scholarships for Masters in Social Work (MSW) to Graduates with Lower Class Degrees.


Eight (8) Universities that Grant Scholarships for Masters in Social Work (MSW) to Graduates with Lower Class Degrees.

Securing a Scholarship for a Master in Social Work (MSW) is naturally a competitive process, particularly for graduates with lower-class degrees as they particularly find it much more difficult to obtain grants. Nevertheless, some universities award MSW Scholarships to graduates with lower-class degrees. These universities are top-ranking universities in the United States and they actively offer scholarships for MSW programs to international students. Below is a list of such universities.


1.) University of Michigan


This university provides funding of up to $20,000 annually.


2.) Washington University, St. Louis


This university offers between $5,000-$15,000 International Graduate Fellowships and scholarships.


3.) University of Maryland, Baltimore


This university awards between $5,000-$20,000 International Graduate Fellowships.


4.) Boston College


This university provides between $5,000-$15,000 worth of Scholarships for international students.


5.) University of Southern California


This university awards $10,000 worth of Scholarships to international applicants for its MSW program.


In addition to the above universities, a number of other universities also grant funding to students from disadvantaged backgrounds with lower-class grades.  Some of such universities are:


6.) New York University


This university offers $5,000 MSW Scholarships.


7.) Columbia University


This university awards full-tuition scholarships to MSW international admits.


8.) University of California, Berkeley


This university provides full-tuition scholarships.


To apply for these scholarships, simply follow the steps below.


i.) Fill out the available application forms accurately. Be sure to provide all the information and documents required by the school. It is advised that you submit as early as possible. Late submissions are generally rejected.


ii.) Write and pass the requisite examinations such as GMAT/GRE. Emphasis on the word “pass”.


iii.) Submit a very compelling essay that addresses your academic and career goals.


iv.) Obtain strong letters of recommendation from appropriate professionals.


v.) Confidently undergo the required interview, if applicable.


vi.) If awarded the scholarship, quickly confirm your acceptance and secure your scholarship.



All the best!

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