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Top schools that offer fully funded law scholarships for master’s degrees to international students with application fee waivers:


Top schools that offer fully funded law scholarships for master’s degrees to international students with application fee waivers:

Many prestigious law schools offer full scholarships for international students pursuing a master’s degree. These highly competitive programs recognize top scholars from around the world. Applying comes with a hefty price tag, but some schools waive or reduce fees to make the process more accessible globally. Here are some top programs that fund international students and waive application costs.


Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts is renowned worldwide for legal education excellence. Their LLM program awards full scholarships covering tuition, fees, and living expenses. Awards are merit-based and consider academic achievement, recommender input, and demonstrated leadership potential. Application fees are waived.


At New York University School of Law in Manhattan, the Hauser Global Scholarship Program provides full-ride funding plus a stipend to a select group of LLM candidates each year. No application, transcript fees, or standardized test scores are necessary. Admitted students apply then finalists are invited for an all-expenses paid visit to interview.


The University of California Berkeley School of Law presents full-tuition scholarships through the Morris M. Grupp Memorial Fellowship. This prestigious award is given to one international student demonstrating outstanding achievement and potential. The application process is streamlined and fees are waived.


Stanford Law School in Palo Alto, California offers competitive LLM scholarships that cover 100% of tuition and fees. A limited number of full-ride Global Constitutionalism Scholarships target applicants from outside North America and Europe. Submitting test scores and paying fees are optional parts of the application.


Columbia Law School in New York City provides funding through the CLS Public Interest Fellowships. Full or partial awards pay tuition and living costs for LLM candidates advancing social justice globally. No application fees or testing are required for consideration.


These leading law programs recognize top scholars worldwide and remove barriers to applying for internationally esteemed legal study in the United States. Waiving costs makes the process more inclusive and competitive for talented candidates wherever they come from.


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